Photo Story : Cold Cutz Barbershop

I'm on a roll trying to get all my posts up to date with all the stuff I've been up to. I'm taking an Advanced Photojournalism class this semester with a professor that motivates the real artist in me every Thursday night. He is an LA Times photojournalist and really gives us the opportunity to out do ourselves with every project. Two weeks ago we were given an assignment: Barbershop photostory.

I was so stressed out because one, I had to ask for permission, no sneaking around, and two, because I was afraid people were going to tell me "please I don't want my face to be photographed." But at Cold Cutz, it wasn't like that at all. I became part of the shop itself. A regular. The people were so awesome and so kind. People from all different walks of life. And the barbers, they were some of the coolest people I have ever met. Nothing is off limits and everything goes.

I had such a great time...keep up the great art guys!

I just love this last shot!