Feeling a bit Grateful

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time to really sit and be grateful for all the things that are right and good in life. Here's my list:

~ My family. They have always been there for me through everything. The thick and thin.

~My close friends. They are my support system and are always there to listen and give me their honest opinions.

~The fact that I get to do my photography and really enjoy what I do. Even if the photos are just for me.

~My photojournalism class which has taught me to get outside my own box and really get out there and not only get the assignment done, but really enjoy it and really learn from it. To walk away with more than a picture.

~That Crazy 8 hired me as a part timer so that I can have some money while I start getting my biz going. You can't have a business with out investment. So, I have to work to invest.

~To all the people whom I have photographed...you are truly great and thank you for letting me shoot you.

Those are all my thank yous and I wish everyone reading this a very happy thanksgiving. And remember, there is always someone to thank.

***UPDATE: I no longer work at Crazy 8; but they have killer deals on their clothes [kids sizes 7 lbs-14]. Wish they fit me...oh well. :o)