Life in Review

So what is up with people misplacing their frustration? Today I had a customer at work whose debit card kept saying it was invalid. I swiped three times thinking that maybe I didn't swipe it right, but no, it kept telling me INVALID NUMBER. I told her and she looked at me as if I had done something to her card. Man, what is the deal! I was thinking: lady,l I'm just doing my job here. It was actually kind of funny.

Other news, I'm getting better at riding. Sunday, my sister, dad, and I went riding for a bit and I'm beginning to get the hang of it more. That makes me smile :o). There is nothing better than beautiful weather and being on my own motorcycle.

Lakers beat some ass yesterday! But what was up with all the missed free throws on both teams? I'm not an avid follower but I know that they can do better than last night. Hopefully next game they can pump up the energy.

Yesterday there was motorcycle accident on the 91 west bound over by Serfas Club Drive. I'm not really all that sure of the details but either way, please be kind to bikers. We're good people. If they're behind you just move over to let them through. Some of us break lanes so that our bikes don't over heat. Remember to check your mirrors. There are less chances of surviving a motorcycle accident. :o).

My stitches are pretty much dissolved now. I have to do a follow up at the dentist in about a week. The bruising is gone and so is the throbbing in the mornings.

I believe that's all I have for today. Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter! And here's a photo from last year on a memorial ride we participated in.