My Weekend

Yo amo a Mexico.

A place where people have a rhythmically peaceful gait and where time seems to have stopped. A people who smile and say hola with out even knowing your name. Where people don't look at you annoyingly if you stop them for directions.

My dad and I were in Tijuana and Rosarito this weekend and we had a blast!

Thanks dad for spoiling me this past weekend and just hanging out with me. I like being able to bond and have long conversations about our lives that only brings us closer together. And I'd like to thank Dona Licha for being a great host even though we arrived unannounced.

Here are some pictures from the trip. Enjoy! :o).

This donkey was painted with strips and was tied in an alleyway.

El Salon de la Fama del Deporte. The sports hall of fame of Tijuana's best athletes.

This guy was a cook back when Cesar Chavez was still in Tijuana. He was showing us the picture of a bar that was one block long. It doesn't exist anymore.

This mirror is so cool! it's on the way up the stairs to my dentist's office. I had to take a picture.

My best dad! He's posing in front of his lots in Rosarito.

I like to jump :o).

Fox has filmed many movies in Rosarito.

Who else's dad is so cool that he goes to a club with his daughter? Mine is !

I'm standing on the beach in front of Papa's & Beer.

Crossing the border. There are man people like this in middle of the lanes who ask for money. It's really sad.

And that's the trip! We sat for two hours to cross. Yo amo a Mexico.