Life in Review

So a few weeks ago I had the bright idea of having Gordo's hair cut. He was all raggedy and looked more like a mop than a dog...ha ha ha.

Seriously though, he did look pretty bad...due to my lack of brushing and because he likes to be outside with my mom's dog Honey. I can't keep him couped up inside all the time, I feel like he has to run around and enjoy the sun too!

Anyway, back to his hair cut. Rather than going to a groomer's to get it washed, brushed, and cut, I did it myself with a pair of scissors and a comb. Ha ha ha so rather than him looking like a mop, he looked worse!

At first I thought I made the BIG mistake of cutting it, but now that it's grown out a little bit, he looks ever so handsome! I'm thinking to let it grow a little bit more...we'll see. But man, I felt bad for the little guy at first...ha ha ha.

Here is Gordo pre-haircut:

And here he is groomed and looking good, along with Honey :O)

Aren't they so adorable!!! I love my dogs.

Happy Tuesday!