Cooks, Indians, & Friends

I know I have been MIA for the past couple of weeks and as I explained in the previous post, I've been going through some what of a transitional phase in both photographically and personally. I have also tried to soak up some of the summer fun that I've been missing out this year.

Sunday was perfect. The weather was warm, the road open, and a monumental event was underway: The revealing of the new 2009 Indian Motorcycles. Many if not most of you, are familiar with Harley-Davidson. The motorcycle company whose hogs ruled the road for quite some time. Yes, they are inevitably a classic. However, before Harley met Davidson, there was Indian Motorcycles. They were the very first motorcycles America had. Bicycles with motors and what eventually came to be the unique design of the 2009 models.

Okay, enough with the history mambo jumbo...what all that means is that my dad, sister, and I, along with the company of my cousin, road out to Cook's Corner in the OC and saw the motorcycle. The Indian Chief, VIN # 001. We also ate and hung out with some awesome friends.

And of course, the ride was amazing.