What a night!

What is it with that when you are dreaming, and it finally gets to the good part (much like in movies) you wake up? What is the deal!?

I was dreaming ever so soundly this morning about a girl and her little brother and myself, although I think I was a character and not playing myself, traveling out somewhere on a train. The dress was very Narnia meets Harry Potter. I'm pretty sure that has to do with the fact that I absolutely love those two movie series!

Anyway, we were on the train and somwhere along the dream, the little brother was lost and all of a sudden we crashed.

I'm not sure how or what but everyone on the train was frantic and it was loud and noisy. Chaos surrounded us and we couldn't find the brother! Then out of no where, another boy with gleaming blue eyes and dark hair sat next to us and some how I knew he was important in the dream. Then, BAM! I wake up.

I was left questioning myself "What would have happened next?" "Would we ever find the boy?" "This could actually be a movie? Am I confusing it with a movie?"

I love dreams like this one. And of course, a photo. Happy almost Friday :)