Portraits : Perez Productions

My life has been so hectic lately that I really haven't had time to pick up my camera and shoot something worth blogging. I mean, blogging real images that make me go "ooohh" and " awwwe." All of the work for the past couple of months has been primarily for my class, which is fun and all but I miss shooting people because, well, people talk back. Still lifes don't.

Today, while working on a project for a class, I was able to shoot Hugo Perez, of Perez Productions. He was helping me out by being my subject and turns out, the photos of him made me say "ooohh" and "awwwe" as I browsed through them. Hugo shoots quality video for weddings and special events and he's really good. He's also whitty, funny, friendly, and just an all around cool guy and you definitely want someone like that on your wedding day!

Here are my favs and man, the light in California was pretty bitchin' today!

If you are interested in getting in touch with Hugo, just let me know and I'll forward the info!