Andrea in Studio!

My studio class keeps surprising me. I will be honest, at first I thought this class was going to be nothing but still-lifes and boring, even lighting. Oh, I was so wrong! This weeks assignment was to shoot a model in the head shot format with two different types of lighting. The lighting set ups were high key, mid key, and low key lighting and we are to choose two of the three kinds of lighting set ups.

I am really excited because up until now we have only been using the steady model lights and with this assignment, we were told to actually fire the strobes. My very reliable model, Andrea, who is also a good friend of mine, decided to help me out by giving me her America's Next Top Model looks and fierceness!

Here are the best shots we got out of our 1 hour session in the studio.

This one here is low key lighting...which I think came out pretty neat.