Becoming a Young Woman | Inland Empire Quinceanera Photographer

Fourteen is a tough year for a young lady. Being new to the high school game, learning the trades of make up and fashion, and if you're Hispanic, the planning of a Quinceañera. I myself went through this trying time of endless dress fittings, waltz rehearsals, and choosing a theme. But in the end, it was worth every minute of the hard work my family and I put forth for an amazing time in my life.

Sarai is nothing short of a beautiful young woman who radiates every time she smiles. She has an exuding confidence that gives off a positive energy and I am certain that when she gets older, she's gonna be one heck of a woman! You go girl!

We had fun shooting her portrait session and I can't wait to shoot her quinceañera this month because I know it is going to be fabulous! Okay, now on to the juicy photos!!!

I love this one:

Another fave!