Gracias! Merci! Thanks!

There are a million ways to say "thank you" as there are, I'm sure, more than a million things to be thankful for. From the smallest thing like having a pillow to rest my head upon to bigger things like having a warm home and a family that supports and loves each other.

Like the Mastercard commercials, everything to be thankful for is priceless. My dog and the way he jumps ontop of my bed in the morning and dives head first into my hand. Waking up and having breakfast with my mom everyday and taking in the morning over pancakes. To stuff like thanks for movies and Netflix because I just love movies!

But at the end of the day, I am just thankful for being allowed to enjoy one more day of life, love, and all the small things in between.
My dog on Rolleiflex 120mm film.