Top Notch Collaboration! | Inland Empire Fashion Photographer

I woke up in a frenzy today. I vacuumed, cleaned, set up a table and mirror, lit a candle, and created a play list of background music. I had scheduled a collaboration shoot with a hairstylist, make-up artist, and model and the mood in my office had to be professional yet laid back.

Four hours later, Alissa, the gorgeous model, and I sat in the drive thru of Inn-n-Out ready to end a great day of modeling and photography. I have to say, waking up in a frenzy paid off because the photos I am about to show you are bitchin!

Everyone was easy to work with and mighty talented! I have listed the contact info for each of the girls in case you want to get a hold of them for future shoots! Thanks girls!

Hairstylist: Melissa ( )

Make Up Artistry: Elanie ( )

Model & Wardrobe: Alissa ( )