1 Studio, 1 Model, and 2 Photographers

Since the beginning, I have always learned by watching and observing. By listening to teachers explain methods to math problems and how to correctly spell "definitely" (which by the way I still can't spell and have to use spell check). In college I learned to to take notes on what they said and the theories they, the professors, were so eager to teach and passionate about. And now, in the real world, I still learn by watching, observing, and taking notes.

That has transcended into my photography. I study what other photogs are doing, what the magazines put out there, and every now and again, I get to collaborate with a fellow photog. Sal Olivas and I spoke a few times about our photos, the industry, why Canon is sooo much better than his Nikon (just kidding but totally had to throw that in there!), and how we can learn from each other. He knows studio. I don't.

So...to make a long story short, he rented a studio this past week and invited me along to shoot. I was uber excited! To learn from someone else and expand my skills in the one thing I love to do most? Umm... Hell yeah!

And here are only a few of my favorites, because seriously, I had such a great time learning from Sal  and shooting Cinderella that really, all of them are my favorite :)

Here's Sal. By the way, you should check out his blog HERE and check out the shots he got :).

So, we started with some headshots first of the super gorgeous Cinderella


Then we moved into the fun stuff...there are more images I'd love to post but we'll keep it PG-rated for now :)

Happy Friday!