Case of the Mondays

I definitely woke up today not wanting it to be Monday. I had a fabulous weekend to say the least and I'm not ready for it to be over!

Saturday was my sister's birthday! Happy birthday sister! Sunday, I went hiking to Laguna with a friend and had a blast. So naturally, today seems like such a drag. But I do have lots of editing to do from this weekend so I suppose I'll just relive the memories and be content with my sunny Monday.

Happy February 1st to everyone especially my cousin who turns 21 today! It's also Black History Month.

A new month and I've got some pretty cool things coming up on this here bloggy blog so stay tuned this month for more photo goodness!

I've been saying that I want a Snuggie so bad, a bright orange one, since that's my favorite color! Well, I never thought I'd see the day when Target would sell Snuggies for dogs...funniest thing ever! I almost bought one for my dog...but then I realized that'd be a little weird. However, deep down, I am secretly trying to come up with a way to get one!

I didn't watch the Grammy's and I feel like the only one who didn't. Did I miss much, really?

Well, that's all for my Monday. I leave you with a photo from this weekend :)

Happy Monday!