Spring= Weddings!

2010 has begun to be such an amazing year. This year will mark the first year that I am photographing weddings exclusively.

I am both excited and fearful. Excited because experiencing the love between two people is just magical. Weddings are magical and I have always loved to go to weddings. However, I did mention that I'm fearful. Fearful because of the pressure, the "one day to get it right," and the chance that something crazy might happen.

I have had a deep conversation with myself and I know that I can do it. Fearfully or excitedly, and I'm going to choose the latter.

My sister, Elanie, of In Your Face Beauty, asked me to shoot a bridal inspired shoot for her yesterday. Here is one of my favorites. You can see more on her blog HERE.

Happy Thursday! And if you're looking for a wedding photographer, holla at your girl!