Is this for real?

On Tuesday, I spent half the day at the DMV. Yes, that dreadful place where you wait an hour to get to the door and then another hour to get to the START HERE desk and yet another hour for the screen to finally announce your number. Yes, that place.
As I waited around the corner from the front door, I was fortunate to meet a woman named Dreena. Dreena was this smiling, happy, always positive woman who seemed to make friends with the whole line. Everyone around her pulled into her energy, and I am glad I was one of those people. We got to talking and she, as an entrepreneur herself, began giving me advice.

"Take criticism from everyone, even the bum on the street."

"Think positive and live life because that's all we can do. Life is one big
playground, if you don't like the swings, go to the sandbox."

"Give to the universe. Because when you give to the universe, it means you
trust the universe and when you trust, it comes back to you."

I was like one great big sponge, absorbing everything she said. After two hours of waiting in line, she was still smiling, talking to everyone and giving back her wonderful positive energy.
Our two hour conversation resonated with me. So much so that I'm blogging about it today. I believe that what she offered to me was a helping hand. She was giving back to the universe and giving me something bigger. And after three years of becoming a serious photographer, finishing school, and trying to learn as much as I can, I am now beginning to trust the universe. And the universe, is beginning to give back.

Happy Friday!