Fist Pumping & A Wedding

Weddings intimidated me. They scared me and I thought I could avoid loving them. Pshh I couldn't have been more wrong. When I began interning for my mentor and friend Kristen, with in the first couple of weeks I had the privilege of helping her at a wedding. I fluffed the dress, threw up the veil, reflected light, and as soon as the bride walked down the aisle I was a teary mess.

Yes, I cry at weddings...almost every time. I'm a hopeless romantic through and through. So after one year of helping Kristen, a wedding guru, I decided that maybe I could get back into it. And so this year I announced to everyone I know that I was officially shooting weddings.

Never did I think that Melissa & Cesar's wedding would have gone so smoothly. I was ready and creative and got some killer shots with good exposures and composition. Of course it was nice to have help from Alex Singh, who also shot.

Now I'm no professional veteran wedding photographer but the best advice I can give to any one emerging into this industry right off the bat is to really take interest in your clients. Know their story and know that when you leave at the end of the night they give you a big hug rather than a wave. Invest time getting to know their style and talk to them with a friendly professional demeanor. Because in the end I think that is the best way to give your clients the very best of you and your photography.

And this sneak peek is exactly how I felt after I left the reception. Fist pumping and all! More definitely to come after this one but I thought it was a fun image :)

Happy Tuesday!