It was just so perfect

A couple of weeks ago I moved my office furniture around.  Because of how the ceiling is in my office, which I can't even explain because it's kinda vaulted and kinda not, there isn't much wall space available.  So I moved my desk in front of one big wall space.  Much better, riiiight?


Well, actually, kinda wrong.  I had an empty space between my dry erase calendar/bulletin board and the window.  I knew exactly what I wanted. In my head.  I wanted something small but with shelves.  But not too small so I could actually fit stuff in it.  I wanted it to be antique looking or maybe country chic.  I knew that when I saw it, I would just know. 

And oh thank you baby Jesus for Goodwill.  I walked in went straight to the furniture section, and there it was, just so perfect.  It was as if I was running in slow motion in a wheat field toward it and we'd live happily ever after!  Seriously, that's what I felt when I saw it.  So anyway I looked at the price tag and I quickly ran over to the first Goodwill associate I could find and told her, " I want to buy this shelf thing but I don't want anyone else to buy it." Of course I said it with a smile, so I didn't look so crazy.  I'm sure I looked crazy.  You see, at Goodwill, you gotta get their first or someone will get their hands on what ever it is you want.  And I didn't want anyone to put their hands on my shelf.  

 And at $19.99 it was just so perfect.  

Now, anyone that knows me knows that I absolutely love Goodwill.  Seriously, it's cheap and it's a good cause.  Helping others while helping yourself, to their merchandise, of course.  It's like good karma.  

Happy weekend :)