The big 2-5!

When I was little my mom used to take my sister and I shopping.  I was probably no more than 9 with hair up to my ears and bangs.  I had teeth that were big for my face and eyes that eventually I grew in to.  I was lanky and small.  And super shy.  We walked from round rack to round rack at all of our favorite department stores and as always I'd wander off.

I would look at all the grown up women in the store.  So sophisticated and free of parents, school, and maybe had some kick ass job in a big office with a window view of the whole city.  Okay, so what can I say? I was a bit of a day dreamer.  Alright, a big day dreamer.

I dreamed of traveling, of seeing the world, of what I would look like when I was older.  I would wonder what I would be like at 25 and how my life  would be.  I imagined a house with chic decor and a dog.

Obviously, at 9 a girl doesn't know the world.  How it works and how quickly a simple event can vastly change the direction of  your life.  Although my life is different, I think my 9 year old self would be proud. I have traveled some, I grew into my features and got rid of the short haircut, I have a dog and I live in a beautiful house with people I love.  I'm 25 and my life is better than what I dreamed it would be.

And a meal at Lucille's Smokehouse isn't too shabby either :).