We were meant to be.

Dear Mom,

You are the coolest mom.  Ever.  You are kind, funny, caring, definitely a giver, and always looking out for my sister and me.  Ever since before I was born, ever since before my sister was born you were the one that was chosen for us.  You were the one that life, or maybe God, picked to be our mother.

To be the one to count our fingers and toes right after being born.  The one who would make us egg sandwiches in the mornings while we got ready for school in the mornings.  And you did this all the way through high school.  Because well, you know what it's like to be a girl.  You were the one that dressed up every Halloween and never failed to take us trick-or-treating.  And never failed to let us pick our own costumes.  You were the one who let me wear multi colored Keds and pink leggings when I was younger because you understood I was my own person.  

You were the one who coordinated, dressed me up and photographed every one of my birthdays.  And my sister's too.  You even baked us cakes.  And lets not forget the Christmases where you'd bake your amazingly delicious peanut butter cookies.  It was you who showed us how to be our own person, not take BS from anyone, and to be smart, strong women.  You are the smartest and strongest person I know. The one who always says, "I love you no matter what."

Through all of the softball games, band concerts, swimming meets, band practices, make up classes and photography courses, you supported us the whole way through.  You never gave up on us. You are our number one cheerleader.

And even though I was a major pain in the ass for many years, finding myself and growing into the person I am today, I realize that I am more and more like you.  And that to me is an honor.  My sister and I always say that if we could be half the person you are, then our lives would be complete.

We are who we are because of you.  We are giving, caring, and funny.  We make egg sandwiches and celebrate our birthdays together.  We still dress up every Halloween together.  And you have made us smart and strong women.

So, even though I've known you all of my life, I keep learning from you.  Growing from our relationship and enjoying ever minute.  We are not only mother and daughter but good friends.  My mentor and confidant.

After all mom, we were meant to be.  Happy birthday mom.  I hope that this weekend makes your heart smile.  I love you.


My beautiful mother. 1980 


Halloween 2008.

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