Love = Happiness

I have no problem admitting it.  When the lights go down low and I've got my nacho cheese in one hand and popcorn in the other I know I'm going to cry.  At the first sign of love, be it in the beginning, middle, or end, I know I'm going to cry.  I know that and I come prepared with tissue or rather napkins from the concession stand. 

I'm a hopeless romantic.  Like Notebook romantic.  No, like Moulin Rouge romantic.  Well, like all-the-chick-flicks-ever-combined romantic.  And I cry.  I cry because two people are in love and it's just so damn beautiful.  I also cry when love is lost or never found.  Because love is so. damn. beautiful.

Which brings me to my point.  When I first began this journey in photography I let my inexperience get the better of me.  I let it keep me from love.  From photographing the wonderful romantic world of white dress, bouquets, bowties, and YMCA-ing on the dance floor. 

Now that I have shot my own weddings and have second shot as well, I have realized that photographing weddings is my first row seat at love, romance and tear filled vows.  Did I mention the tears are mine?

And everytime I get to be apart of such a wonderful romantic tear filled day, I get warm and fuzzy inside. 

Because on these days,

Love is found.

Happy Thursday :)

If you would like Jackie to photograph  your wedding please email her at or give her a call at 951.732.7039.