Some Blog Love + Keeping a schedule

I have mentioned before and have posted before some of the photography blogs that I follow but I also follow a lot, and I mean a lot, of design blogs.  I love to see how they organize, decorate, and learn a lot of do-it-yourself ideas.  And I have to say that the interior photography is pretty rad!

Here are a few of them that I love to read.

Check them out for some awesome design ideas!  They are on my daily read.

Birds at the park during my 7am run.  Taken on my Android phone.  

And I recently read on another photographer's blog, Candice Benjamin, about keeping a schedule and really making time count.  I have tried this and I am a little bit embarrassed to admit that I have failed in sticking with a set schedule.  Albeit this fact, Candice reminded me that I should try to make another schedule and really try sticking to it.  A better schedule.  Better than last time.

Here is my new schedule!  Of course, there is some flexibility considering I may have shoots scheduled and meetings but this is the general schedule.

  • 7am-745am:  Workout
  • 8am-9am:  Shower, get ready to work
  • 9am-2pm:  Work ( I work part time for another company as a product photographer)
  • 3pm-4pm:  Eat and relax
  • 4pm-8pm:  Work, emails, Facebook, blogs, mail, etc.
  • 11pm:         Sleep.
Hopefully I can stick to this schedule and so far, we're on day 5.  I've ran every day, made food at home, and I feel like I'm not all over the place with my work.  Now that it's on the internet, I feel a little more bound to it!  

Happy Friday!