Deanna + Edgar | Corona Engagement Photographer

It's a matter of he said she said.  The all time classic story of lives intertwined by fate and each side, telling an entirely different yet similar story.  

He says she was checking him out.  She agrees but argues that she was noticing him noticing her.  He says that she was with a friend, so naturally he didn't want to over step any boundaries.  You know, just in case the friend was her boyfriend.  Once she made it certain that the friend was indeed only a friend,  he says he began to talk to her.  

He said.  She said.  However, no matter the minor difference in details of how it all when down, they will both be saying "I Do" in August.  

Deanna & Edgar:  I had the most fun getting to know the both of you and your wonderful fun story.  I am honored that you have chosen me to photograph your wedding next August!  ♥ Jackie

Location: Wedgewood Wedding & Banquet Center, Corona

Oh hello gorgeous!  Deanna, you are going to one beautiful bride!

Had to get one of the bling!  Edgar: good job :)

Happy Tuesday!