I remember sitting below the hideous fluorecent lights at my full time receptionist job hoping that the phones would stop ringing long enough for me to drool over all the beautiful images on photographer's blogs.  Yes, I confess, I spent more time gawking at beautiful photos than taking messages.  And no matter how many full time jobs I got, or how many different desks I sat behind, I was still under hideous lights and still hoping for the phones to not ring.  And that the office had great internet connection.

Never in a million years, did I think that I would be sitting here writing about photography.  From the time I was 10 until around 12, I wanted to be a lawyer.  I was certain that my life would be full of black suits, briefcases, and a corner office in a big city somewhere.  I'm sure being a lawyer is just like it is in the movies, I am glad that my life was given a different path.  

I spent a lot of time afraid of what would happen if I jumped head first into something that I couldn't deliver.  I also spent a lot of time writing out goals to which I knew I would never cross off because I was too afraid to do them.  Then one day, earlier this year, I woke up and finally asked myself, "Self, what the hell are you afraid of?"  

2011 was a turning point for me.  The year when goals shifted in a new direction.  And were finally getting crossed off, one by one.  Many of them will be on next year's goals list, some will never see the light of day again, and others will never get crossed off.  But you can be certain that tonight, I will be sitting my bed, with my large sketch book and favorite pen in hand, writing them out.  Ready for what ever 2012 will bring.

I just hope that 2012 will be ready for me, because I'm bringing it.

Happy New Year.