35mm Wednesday

Recently, my cousin gave me a small crate full of film cameras.  I acquired three new sx-70 cameras, a few land cameras, one Canon automatic 35mm camera, and a few more that I have no idea what brand they are.  Some look like they're from before 1960 and some a a little newer.

What I love most about shooting with these cameras is seeing how different each one develops.  And film is just so beautiful.  Sometimes I contemplate ditching the digital and using these cameras instead.  But being that photography is now my job, I think keeping film my hobby :).

This is an Ansco 35 with a fixed "color corrected" lens.  Photo taken on my phone.

And here are some of the photos it produced.  I have to remember it's a rangefinder camera which means that I have to compensate for the offset of the viewfinder and lens.  Which is why some of the photos have funky composition.  But I gotta say, I love this little camera!  The film that came out looks amazing!

My mother getting ready to garden.  See how it cut off half her face.  That's the rangefinder issue.

I took a trip to Disneyland and thought it'd be a great place to test out the camera.

My favorite photo of the day!  A little jazz band was parading through New Orleans Square and look who happened to be there with them!

Happy Wednesday!