Spring Break 2013 | California

The thing about teaching, is that you end up on the same schedule as the students.  Holidays apply to you.  I've been working on my own for about the last two years and well, I could take a holiday if I wasn't feeling well or when I didn't find the creative juices flowing I would go somewhere to get them started up again.  So when they give you 7 days vacation, you take it.

I took it and went home to visit my parents.  They may not want me saying this but it bears some weight to my story as a person and it has a happy ending so I suppose it's not so bad ;).  My parents divorced 10 years ago.  I was a high school senior and I felt my world collapse around me in tiny pieces.  The kind that you can never put back together, or so I thought.  After all of these years, in 2012, they decided to give it another go.  I was very reluctant and honestly really angry.  After some time, and seeing the changes in them for the better, and seeing them together (although it was awkward and different), I am very happy that they've reconciled.  Being in a different place has made me appreciate that now I can enjoy them together, at the same time as well as individually.  Which is something I had not had in a long time.  

You know, God works in mysterious ways and sometimes our faith is questioned by things that are in His control.  We don't know the why's and don't see the answers until years later.  All we have to do is just trust that everything will work out the way they're supposed to.

So I went to see them and see a lot of other familiar faces.  Six days were not nearly enough and I didn't see some people that I wished I had.  But do not fret, I will be back to visit soon!  

Here are some photos from the trip.  My dad came to the border in Texas to pick me up and we drove together a whole 12 hours.  Had long conversations and even stopped along the way to drink a cup of coffees and listen to a live salsa band.  Other days were filled with time with my mama at the Getty and in Santa Monica for some lunch.  And my nights were filled with catching up with friends and even snuck in a beach day.  Let's also not forget some riding.  

It was a perfect 6 days.  Summer will be even better :).

There are definitely more photos of the other days, which I'll get around to posting... probably on facebook :).