6 Things : Apps I can't live Without

I thought I'd start a new series on my blog: 6 Things.  Bi-weekly I will post 6 Things that I can't live without!  Every post will be of different things, this week is 6 Apps I can't live without.  I am by no means paid to promote these apps.  I simply love to use them and they make my life easier.

1.  Lazy Swipe
I love this app!  It is a simple launcher app that allows you to have all your favorite apps in one place.  Swipe from either corner and there is everything you need.  The screenshot from above is of this app!  Makes everything so much faster and easier.  Also, a red dot appears when there are new notifications.  

2.  Google Keep
Another amazing Google app.  I love the clean design and it keeps me coming back to add notes, lists, checklists, and voice notes.  Also has a great reminder feature to keep me posted when something is important or when I need to get something done.  

3.  Hootsuite
This is a great social media management app.  I love this app because it keeps me posting at a moments notice to my Twitter and Facebook accounts including my Facebook Page.  Also allows me to schedule the posts for the future.  I love that feature because I think of posts at random times and don't want to forget them, so I like to schedule them so that they aren't flooding the feeds... instead, I space them out.  

4.  WhatsApp
In Mexico, the cell phone plans are expensive and it's common to use apps that work on Wi-Fi.  Given that internet is not unlimited and the cost of regular messages can eat up the money you have prepaid, WhatsApp is a messaging app that works over Wi-Fi and everyone uses it here.  Which makes it indispensible for me and everyone here!

5.  TeacherKit
This one is on my iPad and is such a life saver as a teacher!  Keeps all my classes organized, rosters, helps to take attendance and even input assignments and grades.  When I have 6 classes, things can get really unorganized!  So this keeps me sane with more than 100 students.  

6.  Instagram
This is my favorite social media! I don't share very many personal stuff on FB or even here on my blog, which I'm working on...  Instagram allows me to document and share daily events that happen in my life.  It's simple and very fun to share PHOTOS!  What better app for a photographer!