Monica + Eloy | Mexico Engagement Photography

Monica is a very special person to me.  When I was in the process of becoming Catholic, I was told we needed a Godmother or Godfather to baptize us and join us in our new journey.  Being that I was in a new city and really wanted to find someone who was a part of the church and active in the faith, I went to the head priest asking him if he knew of anyone.  He referred me to Monica.

We met up at a dark coffee shop in the middle of the day.  Nervously we told each other our life stories and hit it off.  I am glad that we met that day and she went on to baptize me and was there for all of my sacraments.  At first we were only acquaintances, and now, we're friends.  I am grateful for the chance to have her in my life as my Godmother. 

Monica and Eloy found each other and now the tables have turned and I will capture her day.  This makes my heart overflow with love and I know that I will be crying like a baby behind my camera on their big day in January!