Michelle & Stacey at Marival Resort Nuevo Vallarta

When you find the right person for you, everything just radiates LOVE.

It was an honor to photograph MIchelle and Stacey for their wedding and even more beautiful to see them both elated to have found each other in this big, big world. Surrounded by their most cherished and loving family and friends, it was a beautiful sight to see how much their love had brought all of these amazing people together on a beautiful beach in Mexico.

Weddings are beautiful in that way aren’t they? They bring all of the people together in one place to honor and witness how much love there is between a couple. So much love that it is solidified in vows promising all that is sacred and beautiful.

Michelle & Stacey: You’ve made me see love in an entirely new way that I had never thought before. And the fact that you’re just two of the most amazing people I’ve had the honor of photographing makes it so much more special! Thank you so much for choosing me and giving me this honor! I hope you cherish these photos for many years to come!

Alexa & Brandon Wedding at Le Kliff, Puerto Vallarta Conchas Chinas

Alexa’s mom reached out to me probably a month before the wedding date was set. It was a surprise because they had messaged me about references and tips about having a wedding in the Puerto Vallarta area. Of which I am always up for helping a bride, whether they book me or not, because planning a wedding is hard enough and when you’re planning a destination wedding, all help is valuable!

The wedding was a small and intimate affair. Alexa and Brandon were excited to get married against the beautiful ocean backdrop of Puerto Vallarta’s beautiful beaches. As the two said their vows, the sunset glowed golden behind them and their guests.

Two really down to earth fun people who said “I do” on a cliff in Mexico.

Doesn’t get more beautiful than that!

Andrea & Anthony Costa Sur Resort Conchas Chinas, Puerto Vallarta

When Andrea and I spoke for the very first time over the phone, I immediately fell in love with her heart. She wears it on her sleeve and makes you feel like you’re family. She speaks to you with such a calm and loving tone. So when I didn’t hear from her for a few months, I was saddened and figured that she and her fiancé Anthony had chosen another photographer.

To my delight, she contacted me a month before her wedding and we made it happen! It was a wedding filled with the most love and closes family and friends.

Never in the 10+ years that I have been a photographer had I heard such beautiful and heartfelt toasts from their guests. Each speech reaffirmed how beautiful they were and how fortunate everyone was to have Andrea and Anthony in their lives.

It was moving to hear Anthony’s father say he was blessed for having Andrea in their lives. And when Andrea’s father said the same about Anthony, it is sure that there was not a dry eye in the whole of Puerto Vallarta.

It rained during family portraits but this didn’t hinder anyone from having a great time and enjoying time with family and friends.

It was a beautiful sight to see these two humble souls love each other deeply. It made my heart remember why I got into photography in the first place. Why I photograph weddings.

Isa & Adrian Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya, Mexico Destination Wedding

Isa and I first met during her friend's wedding in Mazatlan a couple years ago.  She is an absolutely easy going person who carried through her day like it was any other.  Truly enjoyed every minute of the day, which was fabulous! I just loved the way Adrian looked at her, he completely adores her.

Their day began with a first look, which are my favorite! It's so wonderful to see the couple before all the madness begins and give them some time and space to truly enjoy each other.  They had a symbolic ceremony overlooking the hotel's playa saying I Do with their closest friends and family.  That is what I love about destination weddings, truly those who attend are those closest to you which makes for a beautiful intimate wedding.  

The reception was full of beautiful accents and details! Along with fireworks during their first dance!  Needless to say, the party lasted a good long while as we could hear the music when we got to our room that night.  Which I gotta say, makes for successful wedding day!


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Isa & Adrian Engagement Session, Riviera Maya, Mexico Destination Photographer

When Isa and I first met we hit it off right away.  She is a beautiful person inside and out with a wild heart and bright colorful soul.  A genuine person who is easy going and has a great attitude about everything.  And Adrian simply adores her. 

We had so much fun walking around the grounds of the hotel capturing their love and seeing how they just have fun together.  I loved loved loved Isa's wardrobe! 

The wedding was even more beautiful... which is coming soon! So remember to come back in a couple of days ;).


I was a little skeptical about the layout but I think I'm starting to really like it! I feel like it has a more modern gallery look to it and you can see the whole session rather than having to scroll for years on end, lol.  What do you think? Keep it? 

Anywhoo, if you want photos like this and are getting married at the beach or vacationing in my part of town Puerto Vallarta, click here to schedule your session!


Deby & Beto Engagement Session & Beach Ceremony Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya, Mexico Destination Photographer

These two just amazing me with their fabulousness.  We saw their wedding yesterday, now today we see their Engagement Session taken on the gardens and beach of the Hard Rock Hotel in the Riviera Maya.  

Deby's dress is TO DIE FOR!!! I simply love her dress.  She had it custom made for her and I have to say it was so worth it! 


And here is the sweet, sweet beach ceremony they had.  It was brimming with lots of emotions and happiness from both the couple and guests.  The beach ceremony is a symbolic ceremony where the couple gets married on the beach. 

Deby and Beto had both the beach ceremony and in the post before, their religious ceremony.  The hotel or venue where you get married may offer both options or just one.  Be sure to speak with your coordinator.   

Deby & Beto Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya, Mexico Destination Wedding

We first met at Starbucks months before their wedding.  I was so nervous because they had booked me with out ever meeting me in person and were referred to me by another client and friend.  Deby and Beto is a couple that takes after my own adventurous carefree heart.  We couldn't stop talking and talking about places we had been, how much we like so and so place, and talked about everything under the sun. 

I didn't want to leave without them knowing that I was gonna do everything I could to make their day seamless and wonderful.  And that is just what it was.  Their wedding was full of emotion and excitement as these two beautiful souls joined their hearts in marriage.  I never tire of watching beautiful people tie the knot.

The Hard Rock Hotel in the Riviera Maya, Mexico was our playground for the day.  Deby & Beto decided they wanted their photos indoors, which made for a completely different set of photographs that I personally love!  We had shot their engagement session outdoors and beach side so this wasa nice treat.  *Those photos coming soon!*


I'm trying out this new layout instead of the stacked images like usual.  What do you think? Should I change back or keep it? I feel like this way you can see the whole wedding upfront and then click on any image you want to see closer.  Please comment with suggestions! 

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Brooke + Mihai Villa Paraiso, Puerto Vallarta Destination Wedding

Oh my heart, it grew about two sizes on this wedding day!  Brooke and Mihai booked me through the amazing Jennifer Lawrence at Beautiful Vallarta Weddings and planned their intimate and beautiful day at Villa Paraiso in Puerto Vallarta.  Only 35 guests witnessed Brooke & Mihai's personalized vows while overlooking the ocean.  Filled with tears and lots of happiness they said "I do" to one another knowing that they had found their perfect match. 

These two wear their heart on their sleeves and are big time huggers, which is a total plus because so am I.  We hit it off the second I arrived and felt as if I had known them all my life.  Just absolutely beautiful, giving, appreciative, and honest people.  Brooke's dad oficiated the wedding, Mihai's family sent a special wine for the wine ceremony all the way from Romania, and during toasts, there were no dry eyes.  We are friends forever now.   

Thank you so much to the both of you, your family, as well as all of your 35 guests who made me feel like a part of the party! It was an honor to witness two souls vow happily ever after to each other in the most romantic and intimate way.  Love you guys!

Bride wore BHLDN pretty much from head to toe and it was gorgeous!!! And the sunset photos... my goodness, it doesn't get prettier than Puerto Vallarta Sunsets! 

Monica + Paul Puerto Vallarta Destination Couple's Session

Monica had contacted me a couple weeks into December asking for a portrait session of her and her husband.  Monica revealed to me that on her wedding day back in August, everything that could go wrong, did.  It rained, her bouquet was wrong, her hair style didn't last, and as a result, they got very little photos of the two of them.   So while she and her husband, Paul, were on vacation in Puerto Vallarta, they took advantage of having a session done to make up for all that happened on their day.   After hearing everything that had happened, I wanted to make sure we got some killer photos of the two of them.  Never did I think she would bring a gorgeous wedding dress to the shoot!!!

It was absolutely fantastic and even though it was a bit cloudy, we did get a little sliver of sunset.  And a whole lot of beautiful photos!  Enjoy!


Roxana & Mario Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta

I feel that every time I write a post about a wedding I've photographed, I don't know where to begin because all of my clients take my breath away.  Each couple is so unique and most importantly, so in love!  However, Roxana and Mario are different, because they are real friends.  The kind we ask to be a witness when we got married through the courthouse.  

The same great friends that insisted we have a reception during our wedding and didn't hesitate to give all they could at a moments notice.  That is just who Mario is.  He is sweet, noble, and definitely a giver.  In short: A great friend.  When he found Roxana, we all rooted for him to put a ring on that finger because she is just as great!!!  Two great souls who have found each other.  Nothing more beautiful than that!

So, needless to say, this was one for the books.  Because  great friends are few and far in between and they deserve all the happiness in the world.  

This was a beautiful and intimate destination wedding at the Hard Rock Hotel in Puerto Vallarta with a beach ceremony and light up dance floor!  A great background to dance the night away listening to the waves break on the shore!  My favorite!