Get the Most Out of Your Baby Moon Vacation

Baby Moons have taken a much-needed spotlight when it comes to family vacations! It’s basically a vacation that you take while pregnant to enjoy before the baby arrives. Best to make it around 5-6 months otherwise you might not get the OK from your doctor ;).

Baby Moons have been especially popular here in Puerto Vallarta and since many are already on such a beautiful beach they take advantage of getting maternity photos taken.


It doesn’t have to be a stressful session, you’re already in such a beautiful place! Just a few things you should prep so that your session goes off without a hitch!

Find a local photographer

Finding a photographer that already lives in the area will help you choose the best beach, time, light, and angles to make sure that you’re looking fabulous!


Local photographers know the area best and can help you make the most out of your session without you having to stress on finding a location on Google maps, which let’s face it, is usually really outdated.

Pack easy, light, and flowy outfits

For baby moon portrait sessions, you don’t need much! Pack a couple of outfits that you already plan on wearing while on vacation that can also be used during the session.


For example, a long maxi dress, cute swimsuit, and hat, a cover-up for a few beach swimsuit photos, and maybe a cute beach wrap.

Don’t add unnecessary weight to your luggage if you don’t need to. Just pack what you think could double for your vacation and for your session!

Bring small props for your session like these shoes. They don’t take up lots of luggage space and are a cute addition!

Bring small props for your session like these shoes. They don’t take up lots of luggage space and are a cute addition!

Book your session within the first 3 days

Most people who go to the beach on vacation will usually get some color, or sunburned, within the first couple of days after arriving.


Book your session as early in your stay as possible so that you can get a little color without having to worry about getting too much sun and also so that you can get your session out of the way and you can enjoy the rest of your vacation without having your session looming over your activities.

Have your session at your hotel

If it’s at all possible, arrange to have your session at your hotel. This way, you don’t have to worry about transport, arranging taxis, having cash on hand, or anything that can cause you to feel stressed.


Investigate if your hotel has a problem with letting a photographer onto the grounds. Some hotels might not want outside vendors to come into the hotel and there is a way to get around that. Just have your “friend” (the photographer) come pick you up or visit you at your hotel. Most of the time other hotels will allow friends or outside transport like Uber to pick up guests or come onto the grounds.

Go to reception and ask before hand. If they do allow photographers to come in, then great! Just set the time and date for your session.


The great thing about having your session at your hotel is that most hotels have pools, beaches, and really nicely decorated rooms to make the most out of your session.

Take advantage of the manicured lawns, gardens, fountains, and beaches!


And always have fun!

Both your vacation and session are supposed to be fun! Don’t stress too much about your bump, wardrobe, or anything else. I know that as a photographer, I’ve got you!


You’ll feel great, fabulous, excited, and beautiful! I will help you with planning your session, finding the best location whether it’s at your hotel or somewhere else, and anything else you need either photo related or not!


Let’s capture this amazingly unique and special moment for you and your family with a session.

Trust me, you won’t regret it!