Product Spotlight: Reclaimed wood framed prints

If I am given the opportunity to reuse recycled material in order to display photos beautifully, you bet I’m going to offer it to my clients.


WHCC is the professional lab where I get all of my fine art products. They are a professional photography lab that offers photographers amazing high quality products like albums, photographic prints, and these beautiful reclaimed wood frames.

They are frames made from recycled wood and put together in their facility. One of a kind, truly unique, and good for the earth makes them all the more reason to get these instead of traditional frames or those plastic ones from Target.


They currently come in two colors, Walnut and Maple. Both equally beautiful. I’ve made some mock wall galleries so you can see what they would look like hung up in a home.

For more information, contact me at or if your gallery is active, you can view the products high lighted on the main gallery page ;).


I just wanted to highlight some of the things I offer here at the studio because many times, photos get lost and guarded on a computer, USB, or elsewhere when they really should be displayed all over your home.

Seeing photos hung in your home makes you smile. It’s also a great reminder of how much your family means to you every day, as a mom, I know that reminder is nice to have - especially with my toddler! Ha ha!