Historical Themes For A Gorgeous Wedding 

As a bride, sometimes it can be really hard to settle on just one theme or look for the wedding. I get it, the internet is so overfilled with ideas! Today’s guest post is going to talk about three distinct wedding themes and how you can incorporate each look into your wedding day!

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Victorian Era

This is one of the primary historical eras that comes to mind when people think of design aesthetics, simply because Victorian England is so often depicted in pop culture. Projects from television’s Sherlock to films like Mr. Turner and Sweeney Todd have all been set in this period; The Favourite, which is currently in theaters and possibly headed for Oscars glory, takes place in an era preceding the Victorian stage, yet will still showcase elements of the design that would become England’s prevailing aesthetic for a century.


What it means for a wedding is essentially ornate, attractive, yet slightly old-fashioned décor. Think colorful cushions on seats, lace curtains on any windows in the venue, and decorative trinkets on surfaces (from tea sets to figurines). Table settings should be intricate, and antique lamps and chandeliers would do best for lighting. It’s all a bit pageant-like, but done properly it can make for a gorgeous and unusual setting.


El Dorado

 This is an entirely different idea, and really it’s pseudo-historical at best. As a reminder to those who are a bit fuzzy on their high school history texts, El Dorado was a mythical city of gold sought primarily by Spanish conquistadors during the Age of Exploration. It appears sporadically in pop culture these days, most notably in a 2000 animated film that many remember fondly, and in a video game that’s currently popular online. Gonzo’s Quest, which is one of the featured online games by the respected slot provider SlotSource, actually shows an animated conquistador on his journey toward the mythical city.

 The fact that we have only a few modern interpretations of El Dorado to consider, as well as that it almost certainly never existed, means this is more of a design concept than a defined aesthetic to follow. And the idea is simple: just have a wedding full of gold!


It doesn’t have to be real gold of course, but there is a certain allure to the concept of having as many decorations as possible decked out in gold of one sort or another. You can throw in some Mayan- or Inca-style decorative pieces if you really want to sell the El Dorado idea specifically, or you could simply enjoy the inspiration to make the wedding feel royal with so much gold.

 Classical Antiquity 

Arguably one of the most gorgeous periods in history - at least as we perceive it now - was the era of Classical Antiquity, which essentially includes the heydays of both Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome It’s characterized by bronze and marble statues and reliefs, clean, open spaces, columns and carved facades, and the occasional accent in gold or living greenery. Chances are things were a little less impressive in actuality, 2,000 years ago, but our embellished perspective on the time makes for a gorgeous picture.


 There were actually hints of this aesthetic in the much-publicized wedding of Serena Williams back in 2017. To be clear this wasn’t a fully classical wedding; it had a little bit of everything, to the point that you can look through the public photos and see Beyoncé on a merry-go-round horse. However, there was a vibe to the wedding - a wide aisle, guests seated comfortably on benches, tables for wine, etc. - that felt decidedly Greek or Roman. Embracing a similar concept, with some more specific classical elements here and there, could make for a gorgeous ceremony and reception.


All of these eras make for great wedding themes and can even add some glam to your day! Whichever theme you decide to go with, we are sure that it’s going to be beautiful and elegant! Do you have a set theme for your wedding day?

Thank you for reading this post contributed by Kathy L. Martin. I am happy to get good quality content out your way and I do believe that if it benefits brides in some way, then it’s important to have it available for you!