35mm Pentax & Me

I took my film camera for a test drive the other day. It's from the 70's and works like new, well, almost. My dad used this camera when we were kids and well, it's one of my favorite cameras to use. I have a 50mm f1.4 that is so awesome to use!

This car, which is parked outside my school's Arboretum belonged to a man that was no less than 70 and fought in the Koren War, oops, Koren Conflict. He was disappointed on how America got itself back into another "useless war". He was an adopted kid and when he married, had four children of his own...he was such a sweet man to talk to. There was so much else I wanted to know about. He tends a garden at the arboretum.

I've taken many photos of this little spot below with my digital slr but nothing compares to this
They had the HUGEST pumpkins there. And a patch that spread so far as the eye could see, it was amazing. And the lighting was too!
This was in the children's garden in a little gazebo too small even for me. But I somehow managed to crawl in and found these pumpkins sitting across from me.

I can't believe the results. I love film and getting surprise at what comes out. And now you can get the film on a CD...I love it.

I'm definitely going to test some black and white film soon...for my homeless essay maybe?