Family Tradition

It all really started a long time ago when my dad found an abandoned motorcycle at age 13 (I believe it was 13). That night he taught himself how to ride and gave everyone a ride until the gas ran out. Of course, the story is much better when my dad tells it and you can almost picture yourself there.

So riding is nothing new to him, after 35 years and a couple new bikes. Except when about 4 years ago, he bought his beloved Indian Chief and left the Harley Heritage Soft tail in my sister's hands. But then her Yamaha Maxim (which I have named Maximus, yes, after Gladiator) was left out to dry...that is...UNTIL I GOT IT!

See my excitement? I'm excited because after a lifetime of riding and taking photos along the way...I actually get to ride alongside two of my favorite people: My Dad and my Sister. Nothing can get any better than this! With my dad's extensive experience and my sister's 7 years on two wheels, I'm gonna be a great rider in no time!

But I am a bit saddened at the fact that I won't be taking anymore pictures as we in lieu of my new ride, here are some photos.

And here are a few of when I used to take photos of the rides.

(my sister is the one in the orange on the right side!)
Lake Elsinore
Thanks dad and Elanie for teaching me! Riding just got a whole lot better! Love you guys!