Portraits : Cold Cutz Style

As you know, I had to do a Barbershop photo story a few weeks ago for a class. Well, these guys were so cool that they wanted some portraits taken of them. They wanted the typical in-the-shop kind of portrait, well, I didn't think that showed who they really are outside of Cold Cutz. So we took it across the street and found some cool spots. Their personalities just jump out! They are funky and fresh and have real character. And, they're definitely not shy in front of the camera anymore. Thanks guys for helping me out with my project and really letting me be a part of the shop. I know you'll love these portraits when I go drop them off! You are some really cool guys!

On a super side note: I just realized that my photos come out HUGE when you click on them, so from now on, they're gonna be smaller after you click on them. Sorry!

See what I mean by character and personality! Thanks again guys!