Family : Leslie

A couple of years ago, some new people in the house to the left of ours, moved in. Not too long after did we start finding a little girl no more than 3 years old coming into our yard playing in the dirt (back then we didn't have grass). We would shoo her away because we didn't know her and she should really not be unsupervised. As time passed, she started coming over and befriended my mom. She would be over for hours playing and keeping herself entertained and playing with our golden retriever, Honey.

Two years later, L, 5 years old now, spends her days here at my house. Lets just say she rather be at our house than her own. She colors and watches Alice in Wonderland twice, eats and helps us clean up sometimes. L
fits right in and we have been watching her grow.

Lately, she's been coming over and hanging out with me, she colors mostly. Today, I thought, why not take some cute photos of her. The sun was going down and I thought it'd be perfect lighting. It most certainly was. She loves to pose in front of the camera too, with big huge smiles, and I couldn't have asked for more.