Puerto Vallarta Beautiful Sunset Portrait Photography

Really? These sunsets over here are just magical.  I am in awe of the sunsets here in Puerto Vallarta.  Technically, we're in Bucerias but it's same side and 15 minutes from PV ;).  

I used to live in Southern California and they have nice sunsets, but these top those on a whole different level.  Not sure what it is, but they are stunning.  And photographing people during this beautiful golden light is even better. 

This is the last of these mini portrait sessions.  I'm hoping to do more soon! Lots of things are changing soon for us here (no we're not pregnant or moving, again, lol) but just lots of changes and they are all great changes that God is guiding us towards.  I'll keep that annoyingly vague for now ;).

On with the photos of this cute family!  Click on the images to view larger.  Comment your favorite below the post!

Sunset Family Sessions Puerto Vallarta Portrait Photography

Oh man, I've had such a surge of inspiration lately with these sunset portrait sessions.  The beach is about 4 blocks from my house and Bucerias has one of the most beautiful beaches in the area and I wanted to soak in the last bit of summer with some family portrait sessions.

I love how we just have fun, play in the water, and get some really good shots!

Our first family is Sindy, Dago, little N & P :)

Torres Family

I love being able to photograph families doing life together.  We photography my cousin Jackie's little family adventuring through the UCR Botanical Gardens.  Finding sticks, playing hide-n-go-seek, and counting turtles.  Capturing their family just as who they are.  More and more I find myself doing these kinds of photos.  It just feels more natural to me than the smiley ones.  But not so aloof or stylized as the lifestyle photos.  Just more real.  And I love getting a glimpse of the real in families.  Because some days are just so good your heart wants to explode.  And we should always try and remember those days and how they make us feel.  

Anyway, here are the beautiful photos! Click on the photo to make them larger. 


Baby Lucca Maternity Session | Destination Family Photographer

I love when families come back and have more photos taken.  I met Nereida and Gabriel close to two years ago by pure happenstance.  I walked up to them at a Starbucks and offered them a session seeing that Nereida was pregnant baby Leah.  I handed them a business card and then went back to my seat and a few weeks later, I got a call from them!  They revealed that they had a bad experience with another photographer and were apprehensive to have the session done.  I could tell during the session they were worried as to whether I'd do the same.

I can honestly say it's such a gift for me to be able to give clients a great experience and have them come back for more.  Means I have restored their faith in photography and I can't wait to photograph them once baby Lucca is here!

Watching families grow has been such a great experience for me and I love having clients be happy with their memories, as we all know, babies grow up so fast!  You can view the previous session HERE.


Ulloa Family | Nayarit Family Photographer

This session was done on the last day of 2015.  Definitely the best way to end the year on a high note with this amazing and loving family!  They took me in and made me feel like hoping into the photos with them, lol!

That's why I love my clients.  I love that we get each other, joke, have a good time, and feel like family.  That experience is what I live for, really.  The photography is just a plus!

Thank you Mariana for inviting me into your home to spend a incredibly lovely morning with your family.  I love all of the Ulloa family!

I think I'm going to switch to these slideshow posts, what do you think? Or should I keep the old format?

Esta sesión fue tomada en el ultimo día de 2015.  Definitivamente la mejor manera de cerrar el año con una familia increíble y llena de amor.  Hicieron que me sintiera como uno de ellos que casi sali en las fotos, jaja.  Por eso amo a mis clientes.  Amo que nos entendemos, que tenemos mucho en común, poder reírnos, y sentirnos como familia.  Esa es la experiencia que me hace sentir viva, las fotos solo son un plus!  Gracias, Mariana por invitarme a tu casa y hacerme sentir como uno de ustedes! Tuve una mañana increíble y los quiero a todos!


Holiday Mini Sessions | Family Portrait Photographer

Officially December! I don't know about you but that makes me super excited!  

Back in October I had the privilege of photographing some really great families.  I always have such a fun time and love catching up with clients.   Especially when I see the children grow over the years! 

Here I am combining them into one amazing post because they really were so fun to photograph and just love all of these people! 

I am currently editing a wedding and after, I'll be prepping my home for Holiday visits! I'm so excited for our families to come and I'll probably be a little tied up with that so I want to wish everyone a mega happy holidays and see you in the new year!

1//Forsee Family        2//Jones Family       3//Valdez Family       4//Garcia-Medina Family           
5//Shramek-Miranda Family          6//Torres Family


What should I wear?! | Tips for Portraits

I am so happy that my clients are as wonderful as they are.  I am also happy that they ask all the right questions when it comes to their portrait session.  Where should we shoot? What time is best? and of course, What should I/we wear?

I've put together some examples and tips to help you answer that question.  Ultimately, it depends a lot on your own personality.  Keep reading and you'll see why :).


Now that you've settled on a great location for your session it's time to start searching for the perfect outfit.  There are many different ideas behind wardrobe, many photographers will tell you that you should match the background/location.  Others will give you basic guidelines and tell you what not to wear - large prints, too many busy colors, etc.  But I'm going to make it super easy for you to figure this out.  Here are two important questions to ask before putting it all together:

  • Do you want to be colorful and really stand out from the background?
  • What kind of feeling do you want to have in your portraits?

These two questions will help you determine what to wear depending on the location.  I know it's not a detailed, however, this will help you determine what kind of color scheme you should wear. If you want to stand out from the background, perhaps loud and bright colors are for you. If you want more of a calm feeling, then perhaps some neutrals.  And if you want serious and formal, then add in some grey and black to mix. 



Ok, now that you have the location set and the feeling you are going for, it's time to consider another important factor: Season.  During the summer, you want to stay cool.  Especially if you live in an area where temps can reach the triple digits at 8pm.  *Hi California!*  

For example, if you're shooting in the summer try light or bold colors with a little added fun and keep it lively.  If you are having your fall portraits, think boots, scarves, and hats.  This way you don't look out of place with the background during the season you are having your session in.  


Your personality is the number one important factor in a portrait session.  I make it a point to capture my client's' personality during the session.  This is great because no one wants stale photos that look like the family before hand.  I try to mix it with a few fun personality photos and a few classic photos.

This is where your personal style comes shining through and sets your photos apart from anyone else.  How you feel comfortable in your favorite outfit is so important and creates fun, natural, and YOU photographs.  Don't wear something that you wouldn't normally wear or something that makes you feel uncomfortable.  It always shows in the photos. 


The type of session that you are going to have can determine the wardrobe.  Of course we want your personal style to shine through, however, if you're having a maternity session, maybe we can play with some fabric to create more ethereal and serene photos.  

Family session?  Here we can play with each member's' personal style and add to the overall look of the family! It's especially important to allow kids to shine and have a lot of fun! 

Each session is different and so it's important to discuss this with your photographer and get ideas of how your session can be more fun and really let you shine!


I probably say this more often and it is such a huge help.  Usually my clients look at me like, "really Jackie, just whatever I want?"  

Yes!  I'm totally serious when I say to bring all of the outfits you love and feel great in.  Load up your car with your closet.  I say this because it is such a horrible feeling to have wanted to bring an outfit but didn't and now, you wish you had.  So bring it all.  I love being able to sort through the outfits and help my clients choose the best outfits for their session.  It's like being a stylist and knowing what will look best!

That is my job, after all, to make you look your absolute best!

I hope these tips help you at your next portrait session.  Speaking of which, I'm so excited for the fall mini sessions we'll be having in October!  Can't wait to have lots of fun creating unique photos for some awesome people! Yay! 

If you liked these tips and found them useful, please share them with your friends! I'm sure they have the same questions when it comes to their photo sessions :).  

Until next time, Happy Thursday!


Baby T | Orange County Family Photographer

My best friend Theresa has been my friend since 2005.  We have been through fun times, trips, long distances, and many, many more memories!  As time went on, we moved away from each other.  First, I moved from Orange County to Riverside.  Then, she moved from OC to Texas.  Or, Texass as we called.  And when she moved back to OC, I left for Mexico.  

But no matter the distance, we never let our friendship waver.  We started to write to each other using the post office as a means to share our most intimate moments and never skip a beat.  When one of us would visit, we'd have our coffee date.  

It is no question that we will be friends until the end of time.  Now with a little baby T to join the friendship :).  I love this kid already!!! Getting to photograph these little moments between my best friend and her baby is something I'll never forget.  Also something I hope to do for many, many, many years regardless of the distance.

Love you T and your beautiful family!

Deanna + Adrian | Mommy & Son Balboa Beach Portrait Session

Miranda Family | Family Portrait Photographer

Oh my where do I begin with this family?!?!  Every time I get to see them or visit, they take me in like I'm family!  A long lost cousin and we just all have such a great time!  I've photographed a wedding, two newborn baby girls, and a handful of family memories.  I love them so much!

I'm so glad that we (totally a we because I'm the long lost cousin, remember?) were able to get everyone on board for this family photo.  Everything about these photos makes me happy, the lighting, the location, and of course the people!