Kao Family Nuevo Vallarta Beach Portraits

Getting to hang out with fun families with cute personalities are my favorite. These little guys were just the most fun kids at this session!

At the end of our session, dad told the boys to thank me for capturing their family memories and it made me smile from ear to ear and then on the way home, it brought tears to my eyes because that is EXACTLY what I aim to do for all families: CAPTURE FAMILY MEMORIES.

People come from all over the world and take the time to get portraits taken on one of Mexico’s most beautiful beaches and it’s a perfect time to really soak in being a family, hanging out together, and getting one of kind portraits taken.

It’s a perfect time to capture your children making sand castles. Wearing their favorite colorful sunglasses when they were three because they are only three once. It’s the perfect time to capture that wave that wet everyone and made your whole family belly laugh!

Those are the moments we all want to remember, looking back at photos of ourselves with our family living our best lives. Even if it means getting wet from head to toe. Or getting to hang on dad because he’s so much fun. Or kissing your brother because you love him so much.

Because kids grow, get older, and forget that when they were three, they got to splash in the water and not worry about a thing.

Don’t let these moments pass you by, get your portraits taken.

Babymoon Jessica & Jon | Puerto Vallarta Maternity Portraits

I have a big spot in my heart for maternity sessions. It’s absolutely miraculous and so incredible how we grow, care for, love, and build an intimate relationship with a person we haven’t even met yet!

It truly is an honor to be able to photograph such a momentous life event for my clients. Can’t wait until baby C is here and these two beautiful people can enjoy the miracle of having a baby!

Anyway, here are the photos, taken on the beach in Conchas Chinas, Puerto Vallarta.

Big family vacation at Nuevo Vallarta

There are big families, and then there are BIG families! I love all families and big ones seem to be the norm around here!

I’ll never get tired of photographing these families because I feel like for a couple of hours, I’m a part of the whole clan. Seeing, playing, photographing moments that happen right then and there. Never being able to be re-created.

It’s a magical feeling when I can capture a family truly the way they are. Smiling, having fun, and enjoying each other. Families full of love.

And every family is unique which makes each session feel new and fresh! I’ve photographed several families here on this beach in Nuevo Vallarta, at the Grand Mayan resort and it never ceases to surprise me how each session can be so different from the next.

Thank you to all of my wonderful clients, like this family, who trust me with their memories and offer up vacation time to get photos taken! Makes it so special.

If you’d like to have your photos taken while on vacation here in Nuevo Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta, Sayulita, Bucerias, and surrounding areas, please email me at hello@jackielamas.com so we can set it up! Sessions last a couple of hours and then you can enjoy a fresh margarita after!

Turning 2 on vacation in Puerto Vallarta - Garza Blanca Resort, Puerto Vallarta

I love when people come to Puerto Vallarta to celebrate, relax, and just immerse themselves in the beauty of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! I love it even more when I get to spend time with amazing people and cute families!

It was a true honor to spend time with this little cutie on her second birthday! We played, jumped, sang, ran, and had so much fun during our session!

Toddlers are so fun because they’re coming into their own and letting them play and have fun while taking their photos best shows their personalities! We can see how adorable this little girl was and she gave the best hugs!

If you’re looking to get your photos taken, please click here to get in touch!

Minnings Family Destiladeras Beach Portrait Session, Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Destiladeras is a tiny stretch of beach just before reaching the famous Punta Mita and about 10 minutes from Bucerias, where I live.

This beach stretches so long and wide that it is hands down my favorite beach to have portrait sessions. Because of the long shore and the sun setting behind the ocean, it’s a perfect backdrop for your photos.

I always recommend this beach and I’m glad that the Minnings family decided to do their portrait session there!

It was so nice to get to know this cute family and photograph them being them. Not overly posed and just a family hanging out on a beautiful beach in Mexico. Even got to throwing around a football.

I’m excited to showcase this family today on the blog! Take a look :).

Andrea & Anthony Day After Session, Conchas Chinas, Mexico

What is better than photographing a couple on their wedding day? A day after session, of course!

I had a lot of fun reconnecting with Andrea and Anthony a couple of days after their wedding day for some relaxed beach portraits at their hotel, Costa Sur. The view was just amazing and even though it was sunny, it was such a beautiful time to have a session.

There is literally nothing more spectacular than two people in love with such a beautiful beach backdrop.

Your Mexican Beach Portrait Session Experience | Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

I photograph in many of the same locations again and again. Here in Bucerias and Puerto Vallarta, this means that I photograph many sessions at the same beach.


However, it has always surprised me that I could photograph two sessions on the same day at the same location and each session will be SO different from the other. No two sessions are ever alike and this is because of YOU.


You, my clients, are the ones that make each session unique and truly one of kind. Yeah, I know that sounds cheesy but it’s 100% honest truth. The way that you approach the session is what makes it YOURS AND ONLY YOURS.


I’m using caps because I need to emphasize that each session is tailored to you and that each portrait experience is not like any other.

I never get tired of photographing portrait sessions at the beach. The sunset, sometimes at noon with the beautiful blue sky reflecting the blue water. The vastness of the shoreline and always, the fun that splashing in the warm water brings.


Each portrait session experience depends on what you enjoy. Like to be romantic during engagement photos, we’ll be romantic. Like to be playful for family portraits, let’s have fun. Want to mix in a little bit of both for your anniversary session, we’ll do both.

Your experience in front of my camera is important to me and I hope that you enjoy it to the fullest because moments are fleeting and as cheesy as it sounds, photography is all that is left to remember your life by.


So enjoy the session, don’t be nervous, I got you.

Baby Chema Bucerias Maternity Photographer, Mexico

I get asked often what I do for a living, and when I was first starting out, I would feel really silly proclaiming that I was a portrait photographer. Or a photographer in general. At the time, I was so immersed in perfecting my craft that I felt like everyone was becoming a photography. It’s like when you’re looking to buy a new car and then you suddenly see the car everywhere.

After 10 years in business, I’ve learned that in order to continue doing what I love, everyone must know that I’m a photographer. This is particularly difficult for me since I’m naturally an introvert and don’t like talking to strangers on a superficial level.

But this means that even my landlady knows that I’m a photographer. And when her son and daughter-in-law were looking to have their maternity photos taken, she thought of me.

You see, sometimes, you might be the only person people know who does what you do. So never shy away from proclaiming your talents, passions, and career choices.

You just never know the wonderful people you may meet. Monse and Chema were so fun to photograph and they came to me with a truly unique idea that I just love how it turned out!

Congratulations you two are going to have a lot of fun with your little baby boy!

Want a portrait session on the beaches of Mexico? Contact me HERE.

Ito Family Vidanta Resort Nuevo Vallarta Family Portrait Photographer

Not only did I have the absolute pleasure of photographing the Honrado family, but the Ito family too! They are actually sisters who were vacationing together here in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.

I'm so glad that Jo decided to do a portrait session to remember their beach vacation! I had a lot of fun and love that my clients are always the nicest!