Minnings Family Destiladeras Beach Portrait Session, Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Destiladeras is a tiny stretch of beach just before reaching the famous Punta Mita and about 10 minutes from Bucerias, where I live.

This beach stretches so long and wide that it is hands down my favorite beach to have portrait sessions. Because of the long shore and the sun setting behind the ocean, it’s a perfect backdrop for your photos.

I always recommend this beach and I’m glad that the Minnings family decided to do their portrait session there!

It was so nice to get to know this cute family and photograph them being them. Not overly posed and just a family hanging out on a beautiful beach in Mexico. Even got to throwing around a football.

I’m excited to showcase this family today on the blog! Take a look :).

Your Mexican Beach Portrait Session Experience | Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

I photograph in many of the same locations again and again. Here in Bucerias and Puerto Vallarta, this means that I photograph many sessions at the same beach.


However, it has always surprised me that I could photograph two sessions on the same day at the same location and each session will be SO different from the other. No two sessions are ever alike and this is because of YOU.


You, my clients, are the ones that make each session unique and truly one of kind. Yeah, I know that sounds cheesy but it’s 100% honest truth. The way that you approach the session is what makes it YOURS AND ONLY YOURS.


I’m using caps because I need to emphasize that each session is tailored to you and that each portrait experience is not like any other.

I never get tired of photographing portrait sessions at the beach. The sunset, sometimes at noon with the beautiful blue sky reflecting the blue water. The vastness of the shoreline and always, the fun that splashing in the warm water brings.


Each portrait session experience depends on what you enjoy. Like to be romantic during engagement photos, we’ll be romantic. Like to be playful for family portraits, let’s have fun. Want to mix in a little bit of both for your anniversary session, we’ll do both.

Your experience in front of my camera is important to me and I hope that you enjoy it to the fullest because moments are fleeting and as cheesy as it sounds, photography is all that is left to remember your life by.


So enjoy the session, don’t be nervous, I got you.