FujiFilm 200

When I studied photography at Cal State Fullerton, I never got the chance to take a film photography course.  As a Communications major we only dealt with the digital side of things.   That's the story I usually tell people.  However, the real story is because originally I was a Public Relations major and if I was to switch to photo, the fast and easiest ticket out with out having to start all over again was taking the Photo Communications courses.  I didn't want to start all over again in the art department and stay in school any much longer.  I took the shortcut and missed out on the whole film side of things.  

I didn't let it go to waste though.  I may have never learned how to develop film in a darkroom, but giving that I collect old cameras, I still shoot film.  I used to shoot when I would feel uninspired, burnt out, or just bored with digital and it's perfect focus and perfect bokeh.  I wanted something real.  Something tangible that I would have to wait and see if the shots were well exposed or if any of the frames actually came out ok.  

The surprise was worth the wait.  Worth overthinking each shot as I took it because I only had 24 frames per roll.  I have to take my time, expose correctly, use my brain, and adjust accordingly to the light around me.  It's like going back to basics.  

Here is some film I got developed today.  A mix of when we went camping and during the maternity session from this past weekend.  The grain is beautiful and some of the shots aren't perfect, but then again, that is the point.  



Source: https://www.google.com/_/chrome/newtab?espv=2&ie=UTF-8