Leon turns 2! Bucerias Beach Mexico

I can’t believe that it’s been exactly 2 years since I went home from the hospital. Leon was born on September 30th at 3:21 pm. He was 40 weeks and 6 days. The doctor’s induced me because he hadn’t grown in over a month according to his ultrasounds.

Not even 1 day old.

Not even 1 day old.

I wasn’t worried. I knew that he was going to come close to his due date and that he would be born in September. We never found out if he was actually a he! That surprise happened that very day he was born.

Two years old.

It’s crazy to think back, through all the struggles, the adventures, and yes, some mommy frustration and ultimately, GROWTH. Growth for the both of us and now we have this amazing groove.

Leon at 2:

  • Loves to play and can play alone for hours if you give him something to assemble or put together and take apart.

  • Loves water. Playing in it, spraying it, dumping it, putting water from one cup to the other, swimming in it, and of course, hates showering. He’s definitely my kid. ;)

  • His vocabulary is growing and growing and can even repeat sentences that are simple like “where are you?” and rightly knows his name is Leon. Can also recognize his written name.

  • He will take forever to go down stairs because, duh mom, jumping down is the only true way to go down stairs.

  • Loves to egg us on in games and asks for “more” when he likes a certain game. Usually if it involves him laughing he’s all for it.

  • Says, “awe” when he sees babies, animals, especially dogs. It’s the cutest high pitched “awe” you ever did hear.

  • He’s had precisely one hair cut since birth. It just keeps growing and growing. And it’s so beautiful.

  • Currently he’s getting potty trained and doing really well. Except when he does the pee pee dance and mommy or daddy don’t catch it in time.

  • Drinks water like it’s going out of style. Loves all things sweet, no surprise ;). Hates veggies but slowly getting them in. Can officially say “more cake” now.

  • Still goes to daycare and loves playing with other kids.

  • He shares easily and is a sociable kid when he feels comfortable enough. Is very confident in what he does want and doesn’t want, especially in social situations.

  • Loves Paw Patrol and we’ve seen the same two seasons like a bazillion times already on Netflix. When he wants to watch he says “lala guau guau”.

  • Loves anything that resembles a bus or big rig trailer. He currently sleeps with his two favorite Hot Wheels. He also doesn’t discriminate, he’ll play with the dollar store cars too.

  • Loves music and dancing to music. If it has a cool beat, or sounds a little electronic, he’ll flail his hands up and down as if playing a guitar in mid air or something. He’ll also stomp his foot to the rhythm and then if he really likes it, full on dance.

  • He’s a sweetheart and has begun to give us hugs and kisses out of the blue just because he feels like it. He also says “I la u” when prompted haha, which I try to get him to say to me all day long! It makes me melt each time.

  • Loves to play with daddy. Knows that daddy is fun and can always come up with games and when Aldo comes home from work, Leon scrambles to find a toy and give it to him.

Okay, I can go on and on but that’s Leon in a nutshell. He’s a really good kid and I’m truly blessed to have the chance to get to know him and grow with him. Thank you God for this gift that I wouldn’t have otherwise given to myself. That’s when you know God always knows best.

I just pray that I can be a good mom, keep my calm, and know that as you grow, I need to grow with you and not against you. I pray that I always appreciate your quirkiness and personality 100% because that’s who you will always be on the inside. I pray that I am able to love you but also let you be your own self. I pray that I don’t get in the way of your kindness, sensitivity, independence, and confidence because all of those traits can make the world a better place.

Over all, I just pray that you always give me such wonderful kisses and tight hugs.

Happy 2 years my boy!

I'm an Okay Mom

I have a confession to make: I am an okay mom.

I'm the mom with the messy house and dishes always in the sink.

I'm the mom who washes the same clothes three times because I forget to hang it up to dry.

I'm the mom that let's my kid eat Cheerios off the floor.

I'm the mom who let's my kid cry when he's throwing a tantrum.

I'm the mom who doesn't shower every day.

I'm the mom who orders pizza when she doesn't feel like cooking.

I'm the one who just drank two cups of coffee because she woke up at 530am.

I'm the mom who yells and cries too. 

I'm the mom who is okay with being an okay mom. Let’s take the pressure off to be perfect and live life how we can to the fullest. That’s different for everyone and every one is right in their own way of doing things. Let’s take out judgement because honestly, we don’t know how our kids will turn out, whether they eat vegetables or not. Or whether they were breastfed or not. Let’s just give it what we got and enjoy the small moments. And through the hard moments, offer a listening ear and a hug. Because some times that’s all moms need.

Here’s to all the mamas out there who are okay moms too and are learning and growing alongside their children every day. Cheers.


Leon 9 Months Puerto Vallarta

I had written a beautiful card to Leon and it got erased! But this happens when I know I was meant to write a different post.  Lately it feels like motherhood has become more routine and less crazy, when will I ever shower, sleepless days.  Which has been wonderful! Leon keeps getting bigger and I keep thinking of when he was smaller and couldn't even hold his head up.  

Did I kiss him enough then? Because I feel like I can't stop from hugging him and kissing his cute chunky cheeks.  Especially when he laughs when I do it.  I love watching him sweat as he walks the entire L of our sofa and crawls all over the place screaming in pure joy that he is mobile.  I love when he kicks the water while at the beach because he gets excited.  And the laugh and excitement he gets every time his dad walks through the door is priceless.  It's like everyday he is more himself.  Not sure if that makes any sense.  

Little by little we're finding out who he is.  He's shown us that he's sensitive, inquisitive, a social butterfly, and loves to smile at everyone he comes across.  He's been extending his arm out and I can't get enough at how it squishes his cheek.  He does it with such an energy!

Soon he'll be pointing to things he wants.  Soon he'll be walking.  But for now, I'm going to try an enjoy this phase because so far, it's been my favorite.   

We had in mind to do these photos with his big huge lion stuffed animal that my husband's parents got him when he was only 2 months.  We had a fun time and glad we were able to get a few shots :).  

Living the dream

I grew up in Southern California and when you grow up there, the beach is where you spend your summers, winters, falls, and springs.  All year round the beach is a beautiful place to stroll, go for a swim, and enjoy beautiful pacific ocean sunsets.  And the cool laid back vibe is pretty great.  Which is why it's no surprise that I said often, "When I grow up, I want to live on the beach."

Well people, I grew up! I live 4 blocks from the beach now.  Like my husband has said since we  moved here a couple weeks ago, " When  you have a goal in mind, you gotta set the gears in motion to make sure it gets checked off."  Our family goal was to live so close to the beach we could walk.  Took baby steps by settling in Tepic Nayarit first.  Which was 3 hours away.  And now, we are 15 minutes walking.  

Bucerias is one of the most prettiest and cleanest beaches in this area.  The town is quaint and has all of the essentials for tourist attraction.  Lots of Canadians and Americans live here year round.  And the water is lukewarm all year round.  

It has been my life's dream to live by the beach.  And we have finally achieved our/my dream.  I couldn't have done it without the undying support of my husband.  He's always so positive and makes moves so that we get closer and closer to our goals.  

So I say to you: Go for your goals, no matter how small or big or maybe trivial they may seem to some.  There is no magic to it, just get started and make moves so that little by little, you get to where you want to be.  And being where you want to be is where you achieve HAPPINESS.

P.S. Have your wedding down here, it's got the most beautiful sunsets you ever did see ;).  Perfect for destination weddings!

6 Months with Leon


Never thought I'd say that and I am glad to know what it feels like to be a mother.  I would go so far as to say that it is one of the most complicated words to define.  However different each mother would describe it, I know for a fact, that there is nothing more amazing than watching a little human grow.  Live and experience everything for the first time.  Even watching them sleep is marvelous.  

Pure love.  That is the only way to describe what being a parent is.  I am blessed to marvel at such a beautiful being.  

And we took these as a celebration of his 6 months! Which flew by so quickly and yet we are eager to get to know Leon's personality more.  

Thank you Leon, for teaching us what being a parent is about! 


World, meet Leon.

I am at a loss for words, I never believed something so long awaited could be the most beautiful feeling in the world.  I didn't think much of my pregnancy as it was pretty normal and easy to say the least in comparison to others' experiences.  I had energy during the second trimester and into the third I was just ready to meet our little one. 

Aldo, my husband, and I decided early on that we didn't want to know the sex of the baby until the day came to meet him or her.  It's incredible that we didn't cave in and actually had fun not knowing, because in the end, it didn't matter to us.  Our baby, whether girl or boy, would be loved no matter what and as long as the  baby was healthy, that's that that mattered.

Finally the day came and my doctor opted to induce me.  The reason being is because our little one was not growing inside anymore and since they were full term, it was best to let him or her grow outside of the womb.  I was all for it.  I just wanted to meet this little one already!  We got to the hospital, Aldo meeting me there a couple of hours after. 

Friday came and our little Leon was born at 3:21pm weighing a solid 6 pounds.  First words out of my husbands mouth when Leon finally made his debut:  

"He is perfect.  Just perfect."

And he continues to be.  Everything they say about having a child is completely true, you have to live it to really appreciate it.  But never could you feel a love so intense and so natural.  Thanks to God for this little blessing.  I'm excited to watch him grow and get to know him.  

World, meet Leon.  


Maternity Photos Part I | Riviera Nayarit

Sometimes, things don't go so according to plan and you end up with even better results! We were headed to the beach on Saturday to take these but low and behold, it was pouring rain.  Like thunderstorm and wind pouring.  No chance of getting any sunlight at all.  So we aborted the mission and on our way home, Aldo turned to me and said, "Can I take some with the hills and the fog if we find a good spot?" I said, "Sure!"  As we made our way back home, we found a few good spots and quickly jumped out to take some photos.  

I love that Aldo has such a different perspective when it comes to taking photos and he can always make me feel absolutely comfortable in front of the camera.  

I LOVE these photos!!!

This is only part one.  Part two is coming soon ;).   We are so ready to meet this little baby of ours... the due date can't come soon enough!

One Year in Riviera Nayarit

I've been living outside of the US for almost 4 years now.  I can't believe that it's been that long! I have to say that since moving here to Nayarit, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.  

Some of my favorite things about living in Nayarit in no particular order.

  • Being so close to the beach!  Within an hour and I'm on a beautiful beach with the most beautiful sunsets and lukewarm water.  
  • Being close to bigger cities like Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta- which means we have access to lots of festivals, concerts, and major events and don't feel like we miss out on anything. 
  • Having so many places to go and see! There are so many beaches, the sierras, the lagunas, waterfalls, trails, natural springs, and many Pueblos Magicos like Tequila, Sayulita, and Jala just to name a few.  We have so many places to explore still!
  • The people here are just so nice.  Everyone is very amicable and always helps you out if you need it.  
  • Direct flights to Tijuana so that I can always be a  3 hour flight away from my family just in case I need something.  Or when they come visit :D
  • THE WEATHER.  I have to put this in caps because we have simply the best weather out of all the regions nearby.  During the spring it's cold morning and evening and during the day a little hot and humid but never over 90 degrees.  In the summer the fog rolls in and it rains non-stop the whole time.  Fall and winter get cooler and fresh with out any of the humidity but you'll get perfect 75 degree days in between.  Still perfect weather to hit the beach!
  • Public transportation is really functional here.  Taxi's are not at all expensive and there are more buses passing through at all times of the day.  We've used them to festivals, events downtown, or at night when we want to go to a bar. And if you live here without a car, you can even take a bus to the beaches and surrounding cities.  
  • Destination weddings! I love to photograph weddings and weddings that take place on the beach are my absolute favorite!!! I love it when people come here from the US or Canada and get married here.  It's just so much fun! If you want to know more about destination weddings click HERE to read the post I wrote ;).  
  • We adopted Sasha, which has brought sooo much joy into our lives and she loves to go out and adventure with us.  We take her with us whenever we can, otherwise we just think of her the whole time! 

And now that we're expecting a little one, we can't wait to go to the beach and explore all of the amazing places we've been to and still have left to see! It's like every time we leave the house, there is something new - we love that feeling.

It's been a crazy ride but sooo worth it.  The Riviera Nayarit is full of adventure and relaxation so if you're on a fence about coming, just do it already.  You won't regret it at all ever! 

Happy Two Years!

How can I begin to describe this incredible journey we have been on for the last two years? From the moment I made the decision to move and "see how it'll go," to the nerve-wrecking walk down the aisle to find your hand in mine as we said "I Do,"  to the 15 hour car ride full of "only the important things" and making a new life together in Nayarit.  Now, as we embark on this new adventure of becoming parents, I can say with certainty that God has always had bigger plans for us.  Always showing us that we were meant to walk this path together.  

Mostly though, I love how we've been able to just groove to each others' vibe and make our lives together worthwhile.  Thank you for going on this crazy wild ride with me and always knowing that our philosophy in life is the glue that holds us together.  I can't wait to see what this next year brings! Other than a baby, of course!

Like they say, "All love stories are wonderful, but ours is my favorite."  This couldn't be more true.  Here is to many more adventures together on this journey called Life.  

Wedding photos by Brenda at Bravo Weddings.  

Tequila, Jalisco

One of the perks of having your husband work in a school is Spring Break! He gets the two weeks off and since I work from home, I do too!  It's great for planning trips or having people visit or just lounging around and binging on Netflix.  

After we had some friends come and go, we were left wanting to explore some place new.  So we got in the car and headed down the highway towards Guadalajara, which is only a few hours from us here in Nayarit.  We stopped in Tequila, Jalisco.  Yep, that shot of Jose Cuervo that you get at a bar for a whopping $10 bucks, or whatever the going rate is now, is made right here in Tequila.  All official tequilas are made here and if it isn't made here, then you're not drinking real tequila.  So make sure you check your labels and know what you're buying.

This beautiful Pueblo Magico (magical town or historical town), is absolutely breathtaking.  With it's cobble stone streets and lively mood, this is definitely a place we plan on visiting and staying a few nights in.  In town you can tour the various tequila factories like Jose Cuervo and see how they make their tequila from the farm to the bottle.  It's actually really fun! And they let you taste the tequila, which is a plus in my book.

*click on the photos to view them bigger*

We got a little lost on the way and ended up at Tres Mujeres Tequila and stuck around for the tour of the agave fields and how they make their tequila.  It takes about 15 years for one agave plant to go from seed to tequila.  There are barrels and barrels of tequila that are waiting until the perfect moment to be bottled.  Never knew that it took so long and that the process was so intricate to make tequila.  

We really enjoyed the whole road trip, even the getting lost and look forward to staying there in the future!  

Oh, on the way from Nayarit to Tequila, there is a volcano! A real live volcano that erupted and now you see all of the lava / obsidian rock flanking each side of the road.  Pitch black.  Of course we stopped to take a few photos! It was amazing.