Leon 9 Months Puerto Vallarta

I had written a beautiful card to Leon and it got erased! But this happens when I know I was meant to write a different post.  Lately it feels like motherhood has become more routine and less crazy, when will I ever shower, sleepless days.  Which has been wonderful! Leon keeps getting bigger and I keep thinking of when he was smaller and couldn't even hold his head up.  

Did I kiss him enough then? Because I feel like I can't stop from hugging him and kissing his cute chunky cheeks.  Especially when he laughs when I do it.  I love watching him sweat as he walks the entire L of our sofa and crawls all over the place screaming in pure joy that he is mobile.  I love when he kicks the water while at the beach because he gets excited.  And the laugh and excitement he gets every time his dad walks through the door is priceless.  It's like everyday he is more himself.  Not sure if that makes any sense.  

Little by little we're finding out who he is.  He's shown us that he's sensitive, inquisitive, a social butterfly, and loves to smile at everyone he comes across.  He's been extending his arm out and I can't get enough at how it squishes his cheek.  He does it with such an energy!

Soon he'll be pointing to things he wants.  Soon he'll be walking.  But for now, I'm going to try an enjoy this phase because so far, it's been my favorite.   

We had in mind to do these photos with his big huge lion stuffed animal that my husband's parents got him when he was only 2 months.  We had a fun time and glad we were able to get a few shots :).