I'm an Okay Mom

I have a confession to make: I am an okay mom.

I'm the mom with the messy house and dishes always in the sink.

I'm the mom who washes the same clothes three times because I forget to hang it up to dry.

I'm the mom that let's my kid eat Cheerios off the floor.

I'm the mom who let's my kid cry when he's throwing a tantrum.

I'm the mom who doesn't shower every day.

I'm the mom who orders pizza when she doesn't feel like cooking.

I'm the one who just drank two cups of coffee because she woke up at 530am.

I'm the mom who yells and cries too. 

I'm the mom who is okay with being an okay mom. Let’s take the pressure off to be perfect and live life how we can to the fullest. That’s different for everyone and every one is right in their own way of doing things. Let’s take out judgement because honestly, we don’t know how our kids will turn out, whether they eat vegetables or not. Or whether they were breastfed or not. Let’s just give it what we got and enjoy the small moments. And through the hard moments, offer a listening ear and a hug. Because some times that’s all moms need.

Here’s to all the mamas out there who are okay moms too and are learning and growing alongside their children every day. Cheers.