Tequila, Jalisco

One of the perks of having your husband work in a school is Spring Break! He gets the two weeks off and since I work from home, I do too!  It's great for planning trips or having people visit or just lounging around and binging on Netflix.  

After we had some friends come and go, we were left wanting to explore some place new.  So we got in the car and headed down the highway towards Guadalajara, which is only a few hours from us here in Nayarit.  We stopped in Tequila, Jalisco.  Yep, that shot of Jose Cuervo that you get at a bar for a whopping $10 bucks, or whatever the going rate is now, is made right here in Tequila.  All official tequilas are made here and if it isn't made here, then you're not drinking real tequila.  So make sure you check your labels and know what you're buying.

This beautiful Pueblo Magico (magical town or historical town), is absolutely breathtaking.  With it's cobble stone streets and lively mood, this is definitely a place we plan on visiting and staying a few nights in.  In town you can tour the various tequila factories like Jose Cuervo and see how they make their tequila from the farm to the bottle.  It's actually really fun! And they let you taste the tequila, which is a plus in my book.

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We got a little lost on the way and ended up at Tres Mujeres Tequila and stuck around for the tour of the agave fields and how they make their tequila.  It takes about 15 years for one agave plant to go from seed to tequila.  There are barrels and barrels of tequila that are waiting until the perfect moment to be bottled.  Never knew that it took so long and that the process was so intricate to make tequila.  

We really enjoyed the whole road trip, even the getting lost and look forward to staying there in the future!  

Oh, on the way from Nayarit to Tequila, there is a volcano! A real live volcano that erupted and now you see all of the lava / obsidian rock flanking each side of the road.  Pitch black.  Of course we stopped to take a few photos! It was amazing.