6 Months with Leon


Never thought I'd say that and I am glad to know what it feels like to be a mother.  I would go so far as to say that it is one of the most complicated words to define.  However different each mother would describe it, I know for a fact, that there is nothing more amazing than watching a little human grow.  Live and experience everything for the first time.  Even watching them sleep is marvelous.  

Pure love.  That is the only way to describe what being a parent is.  I am blessed to marvel at such a beautiful being.  

And we took these as a celebration of his 6 months! Which flew by so quickly and yet we are eager to get to know Leon's personality more.  

Thank you Leon, for teaching us what being a parent is about! 


World, meet Leon.

I am at a loss for words, I never believed something so long awaited could be the most beautiful feeling in the world.  I didn't think much of my pregnancy as it was pretty normal and easy to say the least in comparison to others' experiences.  I had energy during the second trimester and into the third I was just ready to meet our little one. 

Aldo, my husband, and I decided early on that we didn't want to know the sex of the baby until the day came to meet him or her.  It's incredible that we didn't cave in and actually had fun not knowing, because in the end, it didn't matter to us.  Our baby, whether girl or boy, would be loved no matter what and as long as the  baby was healthy, that's that that mattered.

Finally the day came and my doctor opted to induce me.  The reason being is because our little one was not growing inside anymore and since they were full term, it was best to let him or her grow outside of the womb.  I was all for it.  I just wanted to meet this little one already!  We got to the hospital, Aldo meeting me there a couple of hours after. 

Friday came and our little Leon was born at 3:21pm weighing a solid 6 pounds.  First words out of my husbands mouth when Leon finally made his debut:  

"He is perfect.  Just perfect."

And he continues to be.  Everything they say about having a child is completely true, you have to live it to really appreciate it.  But never could you feel a love so intense and so natural.  Thanks to God for this little blessing.  I'm excited to watch him grow and get to know him.  

World, meet Leon.  


Baby T | Orange County Family Photographer

My best friend Theresa has been my friend since 2005.  We have been through fun times, trips, long distances, and many, many more memories!  As time went on, we moved away from each other.  First, I moved from Orange County to Riverside.  Then, she moved from OC to Texas.  Or, Texass as we called.  And when she moved back to OC, I left for Mexico.  

But no matter the distance, we never let our friendship waver.  We started to write to each other using the post office as a means to share our most intimate moments and never skip a beat.  When one of us would visit, we'd have our coffee date.  

It is no question that we will be friends until the end of time.  Now with a little baby T to join the friendship :).  I love this kid already!!! Getting to photograph these little moments between my best friend and her baby is something I'll never forget.  Also something I hope to do for many, many, many years regardless of the distance.

Love you T and your beautiful family!

Nereida + Gabriel | Chihuahua Maternity Photographer

Sometimes you come across people that makes you want to get to know them.  Something that leads you to make that connection.  A smile, could be just a sincere hello.  For me it was giving them my card hoping that they'd consider a maternity session, just so I could get to know them. 

And that is exactly what happened.  They called, we set up a meeting, I was utterly giddy of getting to know them, and we set the date.  During our meeting they relayed to me that they once confided in a photographer, but she fell short and has then tainted the experience for them.  As soon as they finished their tragic story of photographs lost, I confided in them that it is my mission now to make sure that they have the best experience and best session of their lives.  

I dislike that other photographers give us a bad name.  However, I do love the chance at proving that there are some whose passion transcends all they do and all put all of their focus on their clients.  Making sure they enjoy the process, enjoy the session, and enjoy the once in a lifetime photographs that were made.  

Nereida + Gabriel:  Mil gracias por saltar y confiar en mi.  Es un verdadero honor ser parte de esta nueva etapa! Estoy ansiosa por conocer a la pequeña y les deseo mucha felicidad!  Espero que ya les haya restaurado la fe en la fotografía y que a partir de hoy, seran mis nuevos amigos! :D



Sneak Preview of little C! | International Portrait Photographer

How adorable is this cute 8 month old?!?!?! Seriously loved this session.  More to come soon!!!  She was part of the Mini Sessions I held last week while I visited California :).

If you want to have a Mini Session on my next visit, contact me via email at hello@jackielamasphotography.com and I can give you the details on when I will be returning so we can schedule you in!

New Baby "L" | Inland Empire Baby Photographer

The mother of all posts... | Riverside Family Portrait Photographer

I have been so busy editing away all of the wonderful sessions I have had the pleasure of photographing lately!  Lots of families, cute kids, and loads of fun!  All of my Living Social families have been such a dream to photograph and I hope that they all love their photos as much as I loved photographing them.

I normally would do one post per family but I decided to post them all in one since they're all sneak peeks ;).

If you have not redeemed your voucher for your session, call me asap!  You have until June 29th to get your session photographed!


This little one was born a bit early than she should have but being that she was so excited to be in the world, she didn't take no for an answer.  Mom and dad were happy to have her come home from the NICU and have her photos taken.  Look at how adorable she is!  Mom did a great job with the little sign :)


Yes, that is their last name.  But they aren't strange at all.  In fact, they are all fun!  And look at their coordinating color scheme!  Gotta love yellow, white, grey, and black!  We had fun hanging out Downtown.  I gotta say, photographing 5 beautiful girls is one great treat.  Each showing their unique and beautiful personalities! From oldest to youngest of course.  And look at that tutu!!! Gaaahhh! LOVE!


How cute are these kiddos?  The little one was full of laughs and the oldest was full of energy and kept running around.  We had such a great time!


This family was full of cool style!  From the black and white to the bow ties and pearls.  This family has it going on with looks and spunk!  We roamed around downtown and had a great time with the kids showing off their own little personalities.  Loved this family!


It is always great when I get a family that hasn't really experienced having a family portrait taken.  I love the challenge of giving them a great experience along with great photographs.  I had a great time with this family and can't wait to welcome the baby soon!

Whew!  That was a lot!  I hope you enjoyed these families because I did!  Can't wait to show you more families soon!

Happy Wednesday!

Jeanette & Michael | Riverside Portrait Photographer

Seems like there is an epidemic going around!  Everyone is getting pregnant!  I have had the pleasure of photographing women filled with the miracle of life, and I love it!  It's so fascinating and I can't tell you how many women say it is such a great idea to photograph themselves while pregnant.  It's such a unique moment in their lives and each pregnancy is just as unique.

Jeanette & Michael are going to be great parents!  They couldn't stop smiling and were excited about their little girl coming any day now.  (She's not here yet but soon!)  You two have nothing to worry about, the love that you have for each other will transcend onto your baby girl and I know that she will be as beautiful as the love you have for each other!  I was honored to photograph you




This infinity charm was from Jeanette and Michael's wedding!  I thought it was so cute how they wanted to incorporate it into the session!

A Grandma & Her Grand Kids | Long Beach Family Portrait Photographer

When I photographed my beautiful and very pregnant friend, Amanda, I did not know that those close to baby Jahzara would be looking at the photos.  After receiving a few emails regarding the session with Amanda, I figured that Sheryl must be a friend.  After playing detective, I found out that Sheryl is in fact baby Jahzara's grandmother!  I was so excited to help Sheryl with some new head shots and do a very special portrait session of her and her three grandkids.  

Summer is about beaches, black and whites, vintage, and a time when grand kids can enjoy the pleasures of Grandma.  Especially when she is as cool and calm like Sheryl.  

Sheryl: Here is a little sneak peek of our session together.  More will be the on the way as soon as the edits are finished :).  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your family, even if for just one day!