Rebeca + Nestor Mexico Destination Wedding

Rebeca and Nestor are such beautiful souls.  Humble and together they make a beautiful, loving couple.  Their wedding was romantic and sultry all at the same time and you could see why these two had such a powerful connection!

We traveled to Chihuahua, Mexico to photograph the beautiful wedding that took place at Quinta Touché which was a dream as it was very victorian.  Their first look was one to remember since I had never photographed a bride coming down the stairs to meet the man of her dreams, ah it was sooo romantic!  

I want to thank the family that made me feel welcome! And to this wonderful couple who are sweethearts! I won't keep you any longer, here are the photos!

Jessica + Joel Chihuahua Destination Wedding

Seriously, this couple is the sweetest.  So in love with each other and very devoted to one another!  It was sweet to watch them on their special day.  Especially when it started pouring rain and we had to change venues, Jessica kept her cool and we were able to make some very beautiful and unique images at the new location.  

I'm so excited to share these with you guys! I loved seeing this family and group of friends again! 

Jessica + Joel:  Thank you so much for having me on your special day! It was great to see the profound love you two have for each other and I wish you nothing but happiness!!!

Jessica + Joel Engagement Session | Campestre Golf Club Chihuahua, Mexico

I love seeing families grow.  I photographed Sergio and Karla's wedding 3 years ago! Little did I know that I would be photographing Sergio's sister's wedding now.  It was so great to see the family, meet Joel, and photograph another beautiful wedding for this family.

Jessica and Joel are sweet natured and so, so, so in love!  We decided to shoot their engagement session at the Campestre Golf Club in Chihuahua, Mexico.  Such a gorgeous venue!  

Usually during this time, Chihuahua is a hot mess with temperatures in the high 90's, however, I was greeted with rain!  I can't complain, I'm 7 months pregnant and welcome rain over sunny any day!  It was such a fun shoot, we got rained on and then the sun peeked out for a little bit before setting.  

Baby Lucca Maternity Session | Destination Family Photographer

I love when families come back and have more photos taken.  I met Nereida and Gabriel close to two years ago by pure happenstance.  I walked up to them at a Starbucks and offered them a session seeing that Nereida was pregnant baby Leah.  I handed them a business card and then went back to my seat and a few weeks later, I got a call from them!  They revealed that they had a bad experience with another photographer and were apprehensive to have the session done.  I could tell during the session they were worried as to whether I'd do the same.

I can honestly say it's such a gift for me to be able to give clients a great experience and have them come back for more.  Means I have restored their faith in photography and I can't wait to photograph them once baby Lucca is here!

Watching families grow has been such a great experience for me and I love having clients be happy with their memories, as we all know, babies grow up so fast!  You can view the previous session HERE.


Monica + Eloy Mexico Destination Wedding

This particular wedding is very dear and near to my heart.  Monica and I met two years ago when I was looking for a Godmother for my baptism ceremony into the Catholic faith.  We didn't know each other and it was God who definitely put us into each others' lives.  For that I cannot express how she has taught me so much on how to serve and be faithful.  In comes Eloy, also a chance meeting in God's plan for Monica.  A sweet and caring person who treats her like the woman she is.  

It is beautiful to witness two souls that bring forth so much love, laughter, and adoration for each other.  Their wedding day was nothing short of all that! It was an honor to photograph Monica and Eloy's wedding!  

Ceremony: San Felipe de Apostol // Portrait location: Quinta Gameros // Reception: Quinta Victoria // 

Abril + Daniel P. II Engagement Session | Chihuahua, Mexico

Over the course of the wedding planning process, I like to sit with my clients and really get down to what they are looking for as far as photography.   What styles they like, what look they're going for, and most importantly, what compliments their personalities.  All of this mixed in with with my style of romantic, intimate, and classic photography.  

A lot of the time, this can't be captured with just one session or one location.  And therefore we schedule two days in different locations! I love when my clients choose different locations and looks because it gives me the chance to create something different with each session.  Perhaps one more classy with interesting lighting, and the other with fun accessories full of light.  

This is exactly what we did :).  This is part 2 of Abril and Daniel's engagement session with a more urban feel.  To see part 1 click HERE.  Enjoy!

Cristy + Lalo | Chihuahua Engagement Session

The clouds were gloomy but we ventured into the session any way.  We never thought that with the rain a double rainbow would appear in the backgroud with the sun hitting their faces creating such unique images! We had to work fast to capture the moment but I think we did a pretty good job.  After, it kept raining but Cristy + Lalo didn't even flinch.  They kept going with energy and laughter.  It was a fun session :).

Can't wait for their Cancun wedding in November!!! 

Abril + Daniel | Engagement Session Chihuahua, Mexico

Roberto + Scheila Chihuahua Mexico Wedding

Since I have lived here, I have been so fortunate to meet a lot of my husbands friends.  What is more unique is when they become a part of your family.  We learned of how they met and their love story when we photographed their engagement session.  How during a mission event with their church they began to message each other which lead to an special inside joke only they would know.  Later, that small spark grow to a flame and when Roberto hung a hand painted banner with the words "Will you marry me?" all the while serenading her with his lovely guitar and voice, she knew her answer was yes! 

This adorably in love and happy couple reminds us of why love is so powerful and how when we know who is the right person for us, we never want to let them go.  I am beyond words for these two, our friends, our family.

Jorge | Modelo Chihuahua

If you've been following my blog, you know that I teach photography at both the university and high school levels.  During the semester, I try to schedule a few mock shoots so that students can observe first hand how to direct, pose, and carry on a session.  There is no right way of having a session and I make sure to tell the students that everything depends on their style.  However, I believe that having them observe how I shoot, take control, and allow myself to focus on my models/clients, they can learn a little and apply it to their own sessions.  

Enter Jorge.  Jorge is an event planner and one of the best I know here in Chihuahua.  He is incredibly detailed and his candid nature makes it easy to know what you are going to get.  Jorge was kind enough to model for us and help me to teach the university students a little about posing, studio lighting, and how to use a reflector.  Thank you Jorge!