Cristy + Julian Crestmore Manor Wedding

There is nothing more exciting than photographing a wedding of family and close friends. Making sure to give them 200% on the day of the wedding and making sure that they get the best photos which they will cherish for many, many years! Also, having the possibility to truly convey to me what it is they want, what they're looking for, and how I can best serve them without holding back because they know - I've got them covered.  

I am so honored at the opportunity to share this wedding with you all.  It was filled with fun, laughter, love, and many sweet details all throughout.

Cristy + Julian:  Thank you so much for confiding and honoring me with your big day! I am so happy that everything worked out great and I was able to both share and capture special moments all through out the day.  Love you guys and I wish you all the happiness in the world!!!

Location: Crestmore Manor, Riverside, CA   //  Day of Coordinator: Events by Ari  (super recommend her!) //  Florals & Decor: DIY by the bride and her awesome team of bridesmaids, family, and friends  //  MUA: Make up by Row (@oh_dollface on insta)  // DJ: Heart Sound Ent. // Amazing Second Photographer: Mayra Ariza

Brittany + Gabriel | California Engagement Photography

Hello beautiful and fun couple! Brittany and Gabriel were gifted a mini session because, well, they're awesome and getting married next year.  Duh, that's what great friends do - they gift one of kind engagement sessions! 

They were so fun to be around and even though a little camera shy, they totally rocked it by being themselves.  That's the best part of my job, that I get to capture the essence of a person that makes up their personality... that is magic.

We walked around downtown and found great spots to create images that reflected who they are.  And can we just say how gorgeous Brittany is?!?! 

Baby T | Orange County Family Photographer

My best friend Theresa has been my friend since 2005.  We have been through fun times, trips, long distances, and many, many more memories!  As time went on, we moved away from each other.  First, I moved from Orange County to Riverside.  Then, she moved from OC to Texas.  Or, Texass as we called.  And when she moved back to OC, I left for Mexico.  

But no matter the distance, we never let our friendship waver.  We started to write to each other using the post office as a means to share our most intimate moments and never skip a beat.  When one of us would visit, we'd have our coffee date.  

It is no question that we will be friends until the end of time.  Now with a little baby T to join the friendship :).  I love this kid already!!! Getting to photograph these little moments between my best friend and her baby is something I'll never forget.  Also something I hope to do for many, many, many years regardless of the distance.

Love you T and your beautiful family!

Deanna + Adrian | Mommy & Son Balboa Beach Portrait Session

Miranda Family | Family Portrait Photographer

Oh my where do I begin with this family?!?!  Every time I get to see them or visit, they take me in like I'm family!  A long lost cousin and we just all have such a great time!  I've photographed a wedding, two newborn baby girls, and a handful of family memories.  I love them so much!

I'm so glad that we (totally a we because I'm the long lost cousin, remember?) were able to get everyone on board for this family photo.  Everything about these photos makes me happy, the lighting, the location, and of course the people!  

Yessenia + Charlon Riverside Engagement Session | International Wedding Photographer

This engagement is special.  Special because it's of my beautiful cousin and her fiance.  They have been together quite some time and when Charlon started calling me


, I knew he'd be here for the long haul.

We had so much fun during the session.   Which took place at a Mission in Redlands that a photographer friend of mine recommended.  It was perfect for the theme of their wedding (which you shall see in September!)  The light was gorgeous, and these two couldn't stop laughing and having fun!

Yeya + Charlon:  Thank you so much for choosing me as your photographer!  I am excited to live the wedding day through my lens and do the best job I possibly can!  I'm happy for the two of you and there is nothing more real than your love.

Sneak Preview : Brenda + Marcos | International Wedding Photographer

Working on this wedding right now.  From the first meeting we had, I knew they were my kind of couple.  Such a beautiful day with lots of laughter, happiness, and loving friends and family.  Can't wait to show you the rest!

Deanna + Edgar | The Champions Club, Corona Wedding Photographer

Deanna + Edgar waited.  They waited to have the wedding they dreamed of.  Of Deanna in her white dress and Edgar in a tux.  And for their son Adrian to be old enough to watch  his parents give themselves to each other.  In front of family and friends.

Deanna wanted everything to be perfect.  She made sure every detail was like it was in her dreams.  And she had her dream wedding.  She married the man who stole her heart. That is something to definitely celebrate!

It was such a beautiful day in September at such a beautiful venue.  Everything about it made their day lovely, calm, and memorable.  She was nervous to see him and he was ready to see her.  During their first look they laughed and shared quiet kisses.  It was a perfect day, in every way.

Thank you Deanna + Edgar for allowing me to be there on your special day.  It was so incredible to see you promise forever and to be there to make your special day last a lifetime.  You have no idea how much I feel honored to have been there.  Thank you so much!

With Love + Happy Valentines Day!



First Looks just make me smile!  Doesn't take away from the bride walking down the aisle at all.  Just look at that grin!

And I leave you with their first dance.


Laura + Eddie | Karl Strauss Brewery, San Diego Wedding Photographer

This post is long over due.  Moving took a toll on me for the last four months and finally, I am finding some stability.  I was going back and forth between Mexico and California and California and Mexico.  A lot happened in a little bit of time and now I can get around to posting that which deserves to be posted.  

Laura and Eddie were referred to me by another client of mine (thanks


!) and during our first two hour long conversation, we knew that it was a match made in bride-photographer heaven.  She was sweet and excited.  He was quiet yet inquisitive.  I wanted them to hire me so badly.  I wanted to be a part of their special day.   Laura opened up her wedding binder to show me all that she had so far.  She put my collection pricing in one of the pockets as we sipped on a coffee.  

On the day of her wedding she radiated with happiness.  Couldn't wait to see her man during the First Look.  Trying to find some alone time while getting ready.  Eddie was ready to marry this beautiful gal that meant so much to him.  His quiet disposition rapidly opened up when he saw her.  It was a sweet sight of two beautiful people enjoying a quiet moment before they became one.  

I cried... After getting to know a couple for months and months, meeting after meeting, coffees, and dress previews, you feel so honored to be a part of something so special.  Something that unfolds right before your eyes and it is your job to make sure you photograph justly.  I only hope that I did that for Laura + Eddie.  

It was truly, truly an honor to get to know you two!  I wish you only the best because both of you are a match made in heaven.  And when I go visit, we're definitely grabbing some coffee and catching up! 

With love!


P.S. Thank you to Veronica for being my awesome assistant and driving down 2 hours to help! :)


It all started at Dapper Jay's in San Diego.  A little shave and hair cut and some beer to get the day started for the boys.

Oh Laura... rawr!

Hello Eddie!

Why I love the First Look:

Preview of Linh + Manny | Embassy Suites Anaheim Wedding Photographer

I met with Linh + Manny over a year ago.  At a little boba cafe tucked in a corner of Riverside.  I knew of Linh from high school.  I also knew Lihn's cousin,


, who I photographed when I was first starting.  Thi referred me and Lihn and I understood each other.  Our no bs, honest, and upfront styles meshed well and we hit it off.  Manny was quiet but knew exactly what he wanted.  As a graphic designer, he definitely knew what he wanted and that was a God-send because I like a couple that knows what they want from me and can articulate it well!  Makes my job more interesting to create what they want and still hold onto my style of doing things.  It's a great mixture!

I will stop here because I intend on blogging more of this wedding with it's beautiful details, wonderful couple, fun bridal party, and an awesome party!  So stay tuned...