Preview of Linh + Manny | Embassy Suites Anaheim Wedding Photographer

I met with Linh + Manny over a year ago.  At a little boba cafe tucked in a corner of Riverside.  I knew of Linh from high school.  I also knew Lihn's cousin,


, who I photographed when I was first starting.  Thi referred me and Lihn and I understood each other.  Our no bs, honest, and upfront styles meshed well and we hit it off.  Manny was quiet but knew exactly what he wanted.  As a graphic designer, he definitely knew what he wanted and that was a God-send because I like a couple that knows what they want from me and can articulate it well!  Makes my job more interesting to create what they want and still hold onto my style of doing things.  It's a great mixture!

I will stop here because I intend on blogging more of this wedding with it's beautiful details, wonderful couple, fun bridal party, and an awesome party!  So stay tuned...