Laura + Eddie | Karl Strauss Brewery, San Diego Wedding Photographer

This post is long over due.  Moving took a toll on me for the last four months and finally, I am finding some stability.  I was going back and forth between Mexico and California and California and Mexico.  A lot happened in a little bit of time and now I can get around to posting that which deserves to be posted.  

Laura and Eddie were referred to me by another client of mine (thanks


!) and during our first two hour long conversation, we knew that it was a match made in bride-photographer heaven.  She was sweet and excited.  He was quiet yet inquisitive.  I wanted them to hire me so badly.  I wanted to be a part of their special day.   Laura opened up her wedding binder to show me all that she had so far.  She put my collection pricing in one of the pockets as we sipped on a coffee.  

On the day of her wedding she radiated with happiness.  Couldn't wait to see her man during the First Look.  Trying to find some alone time while getting ready.  Eddie was ready to marry this beautiful gal that meant so much to him.  His quiet disposition rapidly opened up when he saw her.  It was a sweet sight of two beautiful people enjoying a quiet moment before they became one.  

I cried... After getting to know a couple for months and months, meeting after meeting, coffees, and dress previews, you feel so honored to be a part of something so special.  Something that unfolds right before your eyes and it is your job to make sure you photograph justly.  I only hope that I did that for Laura + Eddie.  

It was truly, truly an honor to get to know you two!  I wish you only the best because both of you are a match made in heaven.  And when I go visit, we're definitely grabbing some coffee and catching up! 

With love!


P.S. Thank you to Veronica for being my awesome assistant and driving down 2 hours to help! :)


It all started at Dapper Jay's in San Diego.  A little shave and hair cut and some beer to get the day started for the boys.

Oh Laura... rawr!

Hello Eddie!

Why I love the First Look: