Flush Mount Albums : Beginning of your legacy as one | International Wedding Photographer

I don't believe that there is anything more important than the photography on your wedding day.  With one exception:  Albums.  An album, coupled with the photos from your wedding photographer has to be the most important product you invest in.  Please, please, please invest in an album.

I can't stress how beautiful these flush mount albums are.  How after seeing the album, holding it in their hands, and smiling over the photos, my clients relive their wonderful day.  Their beautiful day.  The day when they promised to love and cherish each other.   

It is the one product that begins the legacy of your new family.  Read that sentence over again.  It is the one product that begins the legacy of your new family.  It is your first album as husband and wife.  The first album you will share with your families, friends, and people you will meet along your journey.  It is the one you will show to your children.  And your children's children.  

It is the perfect addition to your new legacy as a family.  It is what tells your love story the way you remember it.  Over and over again.  Like you're favorite movie.  It never gets old.  And it always gets better over time.  

These are the albums I offer my clients.  Leather cover, thick pages, and a flush mount design with photos that go across both pages.  Timeless and clean.